Pennsylvania, USA

What makes Pennsylvania an attractive place is its diverse geographical and natural features, The Poconos and The Great Lake, for instance.  The region’s climate is truly pleasant, a factor why touring and exploring all its corners become enjoyable. The vital and vibrant cities have their attractions to be proud of such as historical landmarks, nature parks, commercial centers, and other interesting spots. The state is also home to diverse cultural courtesy of the variety of ethnicity that found a home in Pennsylvania. Combining all these dramatic features, it becomes clear why this state in the eastern part of the United States is often visited by discerning travelers.

The Liberty Bell must be one of the most famous historical landmarks of Pennsylvania. millions of visitors flock to Independence National Historical Park just to have a sight of the famous bell which symbolizes America’s strength and bravery in claiming independence. The Independence Hall is equally popular, as it is where the Founding Fathers forged their signatures as their declaration of freedom.  To fully appreciate the Bell and the Hall, joining a guided tour is strongly encouraged. Pennsylvania State Capitol, a five-story building adorned with stained glass and various artistic influences, is another famed landmark that highlights the state’s history. When it comes to battlefields, the Valley Forge National Historical Park and Gettysburg National Military Park, places that give out a glimpse of the important memories of the state, are attractions that must be part of the list.

Apart from the iconic landmarks and historical structures Philadelphia is famous for, there is also a roster of attractions ready to satisfy the young visitors of the state. Children must not miss out on the country’s first-ever zoo, The Philadelphia Zoo, a 42-acre property housing about 1,300 animals of varied kinds, sizes, and families. The Longwood Gardens is also a winner to kids because apart from being a dazzling place for displaying pretty flowers and well-manicured landscapes, there is also an amazing display of lights and fireworks that kids find awesome.

Adding to the thrill is the Franklin Square which is now converted into a modern-day family park featuring playgrounds, miniature golf course, marble fountain, and traditional carousel that makes use of the famous Philly horses.  Another tourist-flocked destination is the Reading Terminal Market. This attraction is famous for being a one-stop-shop, from souvenirs and antique finds to comfort food and delightful desserts. This place never fails to amaze tourists, most especially that it is also here where the indoor food haven is found.