Annapolis, MD

Annapolis used to be Maryland’s colonial seaport, but now, the capital is tagged as a paradise to beach lovers and water enthusiasts. Nestled along the majestic Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis has gained the reputation for being the Sailing Capital of the country. Boasting of about 500 miles of captivating shorelines, every outdoor adventure comes to life in the beautiful city of Annapolis.

This city capital possesses several attractions that a lot of tourists find inviting. Its historic district, for one, is home to a network of restaurants and shops sitting along the waterfront, as well as highly-preserved buildings originally built from the 17h to the 19th centuries. The brick-lined streets of the historic district are truly ideal for a leisure walk, and as the sun goes down, the atmosphere becomes lively and courtesy of nightlife happenings.

One of the old buildings and historic structures worth seeing in Annapolis is the Maryland State House that served as the US capitol from 1783 to 1784. As the oldest American state house still in use, visitors are encouraged to get to know the building through a guided tour. Hammond-Harwood House also offers guided tours, and this massive old house is among the major colonial homes from the British colonial era. The William Paca House, on the other hand, is also not to be missed, as this ancient house is best known to have one of the most fabulous gardens in the state of Maryland.

Because the city has the Chesapeake BayBay within its premises, one of the in-demand activities here is sailing. Some cruises depart from time to time, allowing the visitors to view the city’s enchanting features through an exciting water ride. Cruises offer a variety of activities to be enjoyed, including sunset watching and fine dining to name a few. Kayaking, paddling, and waterfront-viewing are also popular activities here.

Food lovers cannot get enough of Annapolis’ local cuisine, most particularly the Maryland crabs and crab cakes. The streets of Annapolis are rich in eateries and dining options, and one will never go hungry when having a holiday in this lively city. Because Annapolis has become a hot spot for tourists, its dining scene has evolved from traditional to modern, now offering a wide selection of local dishes and international cuisine. Some of the restaurants that get excellent reviews from tourists are Harry Browne’s, Boatyard Bar & Grill, McGarvey’s Saloon& Oyster Bar, and The Federal House Bar & Grille. When capping off the night, most of the locals and visitors head to pubs and bars, such as the popular Ram’s Head which features regional and national entertainers.

Annapolis, being the capital proud of its attractions, culture, tradition, and heritage, is considered one of the best places to see in Maryland. If planning to have a Maryland tour, begin the adventure by spending a night or two in Annapolis. From historical attractions to natural scenery, from a relaxed holiday to an upbeat outdoor experience, the city has a lot to offer visitors of all ages.