San Francisco, California

It is hard to imagine how a compact city like San Francisco can house a multitude of attractions raging from scenic natural wonders to highly-preserved Victorian architecture. When it comes to diversity and beauty, San Francisco is surely one among the top on the list. California is blessed to have San Francisco within its boundary, as this city is hailed as one of the best cities in the world.
There are a variety of reasons why discerning travelers choose to spend their holiday in San Francisco. Each district of San Francisco has its distinct character to be proud of. Because there is so much to see and do in this city, careful planning of the itinerary must be done. If compressing it in a small amount of time is a challenge, it is wise to prioritize the top attractions of San Francisco to not miss out on the most significant places to see when having a vacation in this vibrant city.
The Golden Gate Bridge is unarguably the most iconic landmark in San Francisco, and no tourist dare miss the sight of it. As one of the most beautiful bridges on the planet, The Golden Gate Bridge made it to the Seven Wonders in the Modern World. Being a prominent structure, the bridge is the very first thing to see when coming from the north part of the city. It is also within the premises where the Palace of Fine Arts is seen, another famous tourist destination. This ancient Roman structure sits in a stunning park with a classic-styled European lagoon, truly a great venue for unwinding, relaxing, and slowing things down.
Next to the Golden Gate, the iconic Transamerica Pyramid situated in the center of the Financial District is a prominent landmark. With a towering height of 260 meters, the pyramid is said to be the tallest among all of San Francisco’s skyscrapers. The only venue that gives out the perfect sight and angle of the Transamerica Pyramid is the Alamo Square, a quaint village and park that is well-known for its Victorian-inspired homes. The square is also complete with facilities that cater fun to all ages, such as playgrounds, tennis courts, and picnic areas.
An equally interesting village is the Fisherman’s Wharf, which is a must-see for every tourist. The waterfront is inviting for various activities including dining, shopping, entertainment, and more. The water, on the other hand, permits exciting activities including boating and fishing. From the Fisherman’s Wharf, ferries are going to Alcatraz, the infamous prison of the United States where prominent personalities were “housed” for over 30 years. Now open to the public, Alcatraz offers guided tours so everyone can see and appreciate the site even more.
Families visiting San Francisco cannot wait to experience the cable car, an old-fashioned style of exploring the beauty of the city. Introduced in 1873, several of the remaining cable cars now cater to visitors for sight-seeing important spots and tourist destinations. Part of the cable car route is Lombard Street, the very famous street that got the title “the most crooked street in the entire world.” Conversely, no tourist must dare miss the San Francisco Chinatown, the biggest Chinatown outside Asia, and the oldest in North America. Temples, theaters, antique stores, and other interesting establishments add color and life to this upbeat destination.
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