Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known for its contrasting features, evident by the ever-growing modernity of its urban regions and the well-kept farmlands and clear waters of its rural side. But what is common in Rhode Island is its laid-back feel and charming atmosphere, the very reason why this is an ideal destination for a relaxed and pleasant getaway. Because Rhode Island has a wide selection of attractions to see and traditions to take part in, to visit the region’s top touristic destinations must come as a priority on the itinerary.  Between Massachusetts and Connecticut is where Rhode Island is, the smallest state in America. But do not be fooled by this lovely region because behind its modest size there lies about 400 miles of stunning bays and beaches. Among all Rhode Island attractions, its beaches are frequently visited by those longing for a relaxed and quiet holiday. The famous ones include Middletown’s Third Beach, Narragansett’s Roger Wheeler State Beach, Newport’s Easton Beach, and Charlestown’s Blue Shutters Town Beach. Another unique destination is the Newport Cliff Walk, a place where natural scenery, historic district, and magnificent architecture are rolled into one.
Summer cottages made Rhode Island famous, the reason why these should be part of the itinerary. Some of the famous cottages that belong to the care and maintenance of the Preservation Society of Newport County include The Breakers, arguably the finest among all the palatial estates found in Rhode Island. Guided tours in and around the summer cottage is encouraged to feel and experience how it is like to be a part of the high society. Other summer cottages include The Astors’ Beechwood, Rough Point, and Belcourt Castle. If there is a desire to go back in time to see how the past of Rhode Island is like, the Benefit Street’s Mile of History, under the prestigious group of Providence Preservation Society, is the best place to go. It is where the colonial homes of America are restored at its finest, alongside churches and museums.
If there are children in tow, one of the best places to be is The Providence Children’s Museum which is designed for visitors age 1-11, where educational and hands-on exhibits are the main happenings. The museum features time-travel adventure, water and wilderness exploration, laboratory experiments, and a lot more. Next on the list is the Roger Williams Park & Zoo, a 430-acre Victorian-style park that features Carousel Village, Roger Williams Zoo, and Museum of Natural History alongside waterways, outdoor gardens, and jungle gym. And if the children are sports enthusiasts, it pays to let them see Pawtucket Red Sox’s old-time stadium. Additionally, the oldest grass courts in the US are located in Rhode Island, in the historic Newport Casino to be exact, and the children deserve to see that as well.