New Mexico, USA

When it comes to witnessing the wonders of nature, New Mexico has got to be your best choice. Tagged as the “land of enchantment, this state in Southwest America is one of the best destinations in the USA that you do not want to miss. If you have been a nature lover all your life, or if you simply want to have a relaxed holiday while witnessing the loveliness of nature, New Mexico should be your next travel destination.  New Mexico’s awe-inspiring landscapes and captivating scenery must be the product of two of its most important geological features: the Rio Grande and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. There are numerous breath-taking sights in every corner of the state, but the challenge to tour them is inevitable. In this case, the most ideal way to tour New Mexico is to see its top attractions and sights that make this state known in the world.
One of the most stunning landscapes of the state is White Sands National Monument, situated south of New Mexico. Embraced by jagged mountain ranges, the 60 feet white gypsum dunes that gleam like arctic snow is the world’s largest field of gypsum dune. White Sands National Monument is one of the state’s top attractions that never fail to amaze tourists all over the globe.
Bandelier National Monument has the state’s most dramatic lava formation accentuated by several archeological ruins, and this region is one of the places you should see. But if archeological features are what you want to see, you should never dare miss Chaco Culture National Historical Park, arguably North America’s grandest archeological site composed of almost 15 gigantic ruins and hundreds of smaller ones. Listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can also make use of its park facilities including its camp and picnic grounds, as well as its unique astronomical activities.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park is New Mexico’s hidden wonder, and you should not end the trip without unraveling its beauty. Hidden beneath the expanse of sands, rocks, and cacti landscape is this underground attraction comprised of more than a hundred of caves carved from limestone deposits. To be able to fully discover and enjoy the cave, it is advised that you participate in the guided tours to be able to walk through the incredible geological formation.
New Mexico is fortunate to be in the region where wilderness is abundant, making it one of the reasons why nature-lovers are fond of visiting the state. Valle Vidal is no doubt the most captivating landscape of New Mexico, and its pristine wilderness is the best place for carrying-out the great outdoors. Meanwhile, Wheeler Peak Wilderness, situated in the premises of the state’s highest peak, plays hosts to a variety of wildlife. Here, you can get up-close to pikas, marmots, mule deer, elk, golden eagles, and bighorn sheep.
If there is just one place you have to see in the southwest region of the United States, it must be New Mexico. Experienced travelers agree that this destination is one of the most wonderful places to see, and the promise of an extraordinary getaway is achieved.