Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In the easternmost side of Massachusetts is where Cape Cod is located, one of the most-visited regions in the United States. This destination is most ideal for travelers who seek a laid-back holiday and passive vacation, as most of the attractions here are beaches and historical districts. Great adventures are bound to happen for Cape Cod visitors, equating to a holiday that is fun and memorable.
To stay that the beaches in Cape Cod are breathtaking is an understatement. Owning the best beaches in the world, Cape Cod has become an ideal place for leisure, relaxation and summer getaway. There are about a dozen beaches, or probably more, to see in this region, some of them include Surf Drive Beach, Bristol Beach and Chapoquoit Beach to name a few.
Apart from its stunning beaches, Cape Cod is also known to have a rich heritage and colorful tradition, which its museums and galleries embody. The artists of Cape Cod amazingly put into artworks the beauty of the region, and what better way to appreciate it than visiting museums and galleries that exhibit their works.
Experienced travelers would agree that biking is the best way to see and experience the charm of Cape Cod. The most inspiring sights can be seen along the famous Shining Sea Bikeway along the Falmouth coast. The trip to Cape Cod will never be complete without traversing the 3.3-mile bikeway that gives out the best views of the region. If that is not enough, there’s Cape Cod Canal Bikeway, Provincetown Bike Trail, and few more biking trails that are equally popular in Cape Cod.
There are so many things to do in Cape Cod. With a picturesque scenery enveloping Cape Cod, outdoor activities are truly inviting in this region. Tourists admire the wonders of nature while hiking, geocaching, fishing, and camping. Seal cruises, critter cruises, and whale watching are sought-after activities as well. To have the most out of the natural scenery, the best places to go to are the Beebee Woods, Ashumet Holly & Wildlife Sanctuary, Cuttyhunk Island, Spohr Gardens, and South Cape Beach State Park among others.
Cape Cod is not just famous for its beaches and nature-inspired attractions, this place is popular as a seafood hub as well. Notably, seafood or not, restaurants are abundant here, which makes its dining scene upbeat and alive. Its nightlife is kicking as well courtesy of the many pubs and bars that line up the streets. Similarly, hotels and accommodations have sprawled in Cape Cod over the years which assure tourists that there is a home to stay during the holiday, may it be high-end and luxurious ones or the budgeted yet decent kind.
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