Montana, USA

Traveling in the northwestern region of the United States has never been exciting, most especially if Montana is part of your itinerary. Tagged as the Big Sky Country, Montana has become world-popular because of its great, splendid blue skies. The east’s flat regions and the west’s Rocky Mountains reflect how contrasting features can harmoniously blend to create one majestic scenery. Helena, the state capital, and the two big cities of Billings and Missoula can be your first destinations, but take note that what makes Montana’s trip truly fulfilling is witnessing the beauty Mother Nature has blessed this state.   With a sizeable area of 145,552 square miles, Montana is the country’s 4th largest state according to the landmass. The natural beauty of Montana comprises of vast open spaces, jagged mountain ranges and desolate highways equating to the dramatic scenery. Nature and wilderness are best witnessed in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, two of the world-famous tourist attractions you should not dare miss in your Montana adventure. When you explore these major parks, you will discover that apart from stunning surroundings, the quiet towns along the way and its warm and welcoming locals are worth knowing as well.
The state of Montana is what you can call paradise for the great outdoors. There is probably no place on Earth offering a multitude of activities that cater to varied interests. The Montana Rockies is unarguably the haven for mountain climbers and extreme mountain sports enthusiasts. Also known for its hiking and camping facilities, the experience in the Montana Rockies will add depth to your getaway. There are several group tours and adventure trips your family can take part with, including Geyser Whitewater Expeditions, which allows you to engage with adrenaline-pumping activities such as raft, kayak, and zipline tours. Conversely, Lewis and Clark Trail is one unique experience, where its themed adventures comprise of exploring the rivers, the mountains, and everything in between.
If you have been a nature lover all your life, Montana is the best place to be. But do not forget that apart from the state’ awe-inspiring natural assets, its relevant past is worth discovering as well. Be nostalgic by visiting places owning historical significance such as the Little Bighorn Battlefield and get to know how the brave natives strongly guarded their culture and heritage. Meanwhile, the Montana Historical Society Museum highlights important archaeological and ethnological artifacts and seemingly endless galleries of paintings and portraits. Montana State Capitol must be a part of your itinerary so you can witness how the building’s imposing ancient architecture is highly-preserved, and while there, you can also take part in the Hall of Governors Tours.
Due to Montana’s wide expanse, seeing all its east-to-west major attractions cannot be done in a single-day journey. But because the state has become a favorite tourist destination for a laid-back and nature-inspired getaway, its hotel facilities and dining scenes have developed over time, making your Montana trip hassle and worry-free.
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