Maine, New England

Maine is one of the beautiful states located on the easternmost side of New England. It has become famous for travelers due to the unique natural features the state owns: glacier-carved lush interior and stunning jagged coast that extends up to the Atlantic Ocean. Maine is teeming with natural wonders that serve as perfect venues for a wide range of outdoor activities. From picturesque scenery to extreme recreational trips, Maine has all the reasons why this is a favorite place of nature-lovers and thrill-seekers.
The main entry point of tourists either from overseas or nearby cities is Boston, the largest city in New England. From Boston, there are train and bus services that lead to major points of the US state of Maine. When getting around, the most ideal way is through car or rented campervan. Some buses have routes to some of Maine’s top destinations. 
Acadia National Park tops the list of must-see attractions in Maine. This world-famous destination beams with a stunning stretch of coastlines, lush forests, rugged mountain ranges and majestic lakes. For outdoor and nature enthusiasts, this park will surely render satisfaction and enjoyment. Going to the park is an adventure in itself, as the roads leading there are rick of captivating natural scenery.
Barker Island is famous for its whale-watching facilities, making it a destination hard to miss when in Maine. The cruise to the Baker Island promises a momentous event, as it is where witnessing beautiful whales happen. The Desert of Maine, on the other hand, is an attraction that renders fun for all ages, where adults can participate in the guided nature trails while the younger ones can enjoy digging and mining for gems. And of course, the Funtown Splash Town, one of New England’s biggest theme and waterpark, is a hit to kids where they get to experience an all-day adventure of thrilling rides and water-fun attractions.
Boothbay Harbor is an ideal place for slowing things down, as this popular summer resort is ideal for river cruises and deep-sea fishing. The downtown has a laid-back atmosphere, very ideal for a relaxed stroll while checking-out the antique shops, galleries, and quaint cafes. Another destination perfect for a slow-paced day is Monhegan Island, a modest-size quiet island with a very thin population, where the prime activity is to catch fish and lobsters. And of course, the scenic Kennebunkport is also perfect for a less-intense trip, where its main features include historic buildings, ancient homes, unique shops, and a scenic walkway. Touring Maine is not complete without having a sight of its famous lighthouses, and Kennebunkport plays host to one of the iconic structures.
Understand that Maine has a sizeable land area, and to have a fulfilling Maine getaway is to have a well-thought-of itinerary. To not miss out on what Maine’s best places to see, take note of the state’s top attractions and sought-after places. From natural beauty to historic places, the trip to Maine will certainly result in a fine, memorable escapade.
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