Massachusetts, USA – “The Bay State”

Tagged as “The bay state” due to the three great bays that give shape to its coastline, the US state of Massachusetts renders its visitors an outstanding selection of places to see, culture to experience, and cuisine to taste. From adventure to relaxation, there is something that will surely be appealing to you and the rest of your family.
If you are traveling to Massachusetts by plane, your entry point to this wonderful destination is the Logan International Airport. Since the airport is found in Boston, to start the Massachusetts getaway in the state capital is the best option. Being the state’s largest city, Boston has an interesting line-up of attractions you should not miss, starting from history and cultural interests down to the finest restaurants and shopping hubs. Among the attractions to see are the Freedom Trail, the African American Heritage Trail, and its roster of museums including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. And since Boston is popular for being the home of prestigious universities, to be on the grounds of MIT and Harvard University completes the Boston experience.
The sides of Boston are worth exploring as well. If you head north of Boston, Lowell National Historical Park is where you will witness the heritage of the state’s textile industry, while Newburyport, Rockport, Gloucester, and Marblehead are the destinations to be for experiencing Massachusetts’ maritime tradition. If you find yourself in the waterfront, don’t dare leave without feasting on lobster, clams, and prawns. Meanwhile, in the south of Boston is where you will find Westport Rivers Vineyard, the region’s pride when it comes to wine and cheese.
Cape Cod is no doubt one of the reasons why Massachusetts is always chosen for a laid-back getaway. Here is where the beaches of the state are highly concentrated, a destination ideal for nature trips and relaxation. The region is also known for having the best opportunities for whale-watching as it has the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary within its premises.
For an in-depth Cape Cod adventure, there are various agencies offering day trip tours and sight-seeing cruises. And if you want to experience how it is to party in Cape Cod, head to Da Coma, a restaurant, bar, and dance club rolled into one and unarguably the coolest party place in Cape Cod. The many faces of Cape cater to an assortment of the crowd, and your family will consider the Cape experience as one of the highlights of the Massachusetts’ trip.
What is great about touring Massachusetts is that it can also be your gateway to other travel destinations, as the region is close to some of America’s famous spots such as the Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York. With so many outstanding features seen and experienced only in Massachusetts, your journey to this stunning state will surely be on the list of your most memorable escapades.