Louisiana, USA

Your choice of travel destination usually depends on what tickles your fancy and what fills your bottle of interest. If the south side of the USA is your next target, highly consider the great adventures Louisiana offers. This US state is teeming with attractions from museums to nature parks, not to mention that its shopping hubs and dining scene lead to the satisfaction of great heights.
You have heard how grand and world-popular the colorful Mardi Gras is, and joining the street party happening in New Orleans will surely turn out to be the highlight of your Louisiana adventure. While you are in New Orleans, take time to discover the attractions and relevant structures it takes pride in, such as New Orleans Central Business District where you can watch a live cabaret performance, a free concert at Lafayette Square, or simply shop in its quaint shops and boutiques. If you got the liking to discover the Cajun culture of Louisiana, head to Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve and immerse in the Cajun influences that wrap the state while traversing the same trail the brave men of the region fought during the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. The park is also an excellent spot for winding down and relaxation. The colorful tradition of Louisiana is courtesy of the many cultural influences the state embraced. The heritage of the region is best seen and experienced in The French Quarter, a distinct place known to combine American, African, European, and Caribbean lifestyles. The celebration of the myriad of cultures is displayed through live music, dancing, and a unique dining adventure.

Louisiana is the birthplace of the popular Tabasco condiment, and just by sight-seeing the property that started it all, the Avery Island, can be one of your most treasured moments, as this heaven-on-earth is filled with swamps and marshes—definitely a sight to behold! For more encounters to the state’s unspoiled nature, continue your journey by joining the Honey Island Swamp Tour and be consumed in the vast wilderness Louisiana is hiding. Here, you will chance upon deer, alligators and wolves during the tour, so better have your camera ready at all times.

One of the assets of Louisiana is having the world’s longest bridge, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge. It is not every day that you get near a bridge that appears to have no end, so take advantage of it and allow it to be a part of the adventure. Meanwhile, participating in Louisiana’s nightlife is a great idea as well, and the Riverboat Casinos in Shreveport will undoubtedly give you a grand time courtesy of the full array of gambling machines, bar drinks, live shows, and its engaging party atmosphere.

Louisiana is packed with interesting places to see and wonderful happenings to experience and to visit this region, for a single day or a long holiday, can be one of the best decisions you will ever make as a traveler, for this region has varied attractions that satisfies all ages.
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