Top 5 European Cities

Europe has some of the greatest cities for tourists, providing some of the greatest attractions in the world. Europe is full of history and culture, so if you would are trying to decide where you want to go, here are some of the greatest European cities:
Rome, Italy: Rome without a doubt is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Every year, Rome attracts millions of visitors to witness its treasures, timeless Roman arts and admirable architecture. The city of Rome offers both locals and tourists boundless opportunities for exploration. The city’s tourist destinations are known all over the world, and with lively events and activities to enjoy in Rome, the city is worthy to come back to over and over again. Rome is where Vatican is, another big reason to visit and enjoy the city.
Paris, France: When one gets to visit Europe, France has got to be a part of the list. Paris, the world-famous capital of France, may be a cosmopolitan city, but it is highly-associated with romance, history and ancient architecture. Apart from its beaming attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Paris is known for its fashion and art that makes it the world’s Capital of Fashion. Paris’ heritage sites, Michelin-restaurants and iconic landmarks continue to allure millions of visitors coming from near and far.
London, England: If the entire continent of Europe has to designate a capital, London must be it. Taking pride of its touristic destinations and being home to world-famous destinations, London is definitely a highly-visited city in Europe. Vibrant and colorful, the city may be a picture of urban life in full bloom, but the city remains to be a global capital of culture, fashion, music, tradition, and history. The charm and appeal of London is extraordinaire, no wonder many people love visiting, and moving, in this popular European city. London has a diverse city life that blends culture, history, adventure and commercialism perfectly.
Barcelona, Spain: Contemporary Europe is what Barcelona is all about. The city is a clear reflection of past and future coming together in perfect balance and harmony. There are too many attractions to mention in Barcelona, but the city itself is the biggest attraction of all. Barcelona is a huge city defined by several districts that all take pride of its respective beauties, dining scenes and lively events. Being Catalonia largest city and Spain’s second biggest city, Barcelona offers unlimited enjoyment for its people and visitors. The city is also a gateway to stunning beaches and skii resorts.
Copenhagen, Denmark: The coolest capital city of Scandinavia is one of the world’s leading green cities. Copenhagen may be a huge city home of upscale malls, lively nightlife, colorful culture, rich tradition, and awesome dining scene, but the city is compact enough to be intimate. It is a city that is friendly to tourists as all its corners can be navigated and explored with ease. Continuously hailed for its quality city life, beautiful places and friendly people. Copenhagen is also regarded not just for its attractions but also for its excellent way of living.