Top 5 Ugliest Cities in the World

Our planet is beautiful, which is why travel may be a way of living. Traveling doesn’t mean always visiting the prettiest places. Check out our list off some of the ugliest cities in the world, and decide whether you would like to take the risk and visit some of them:
Guatemala City: Guatemala is a beautiful country in its own right. However, its capital, the Guatemala City, does not give justice to the loveliness its nation owns. Guatemala City is filled with buildings that appear very tired, weathered and dirty, and all have a tendency to collapse if given a hard shake. If you do not have an idea that you are in the capital, you can easily identify Guatemala City as a slum area rather than a business district and central city. The air is very polluted that makes the city even uglier, not to mention that the crime rate that seems to increase by the year gives the impression that Guatemala City is not just aesthetically unappealing, it also is a city that is not safe to live.
Ciudad del Este: Paraguay’s smuggling city is characterized by awful duty-free shops, terrible traffic, and tired and shabby city establishments. The only people who consider Ciudad del Este a lovely city are the smugglers who found heaven in this city, making it a district of black-market trading that pose violence on the sides. A city that is filthy, not just in appearance but in reputation, makes Ciudad del Este in the list of the ugliest cities in the world.
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s capital has very little attractions to be proud of, not to mention that its city appeal is very limited. The capital is covered with apartment blocks that are not pleasant to the sight, and the attempt to conceal it with modern, yet still distasteful skyscrapers just makes the setting even worse. It is also a fact that in Riyadh, any form of fun is banned. With dust storms that seem to know no end and weather that goes to as low as 50 degrees centigrade, there is no doubt why Riyadh is considered one of the ugliest cities in the globe. 
Caracas: Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is tagged as “the city of death and murder,” and with a title like that, there is no questioning why many consider it one of the ugliest cities in the world. The city has the highest crime rate all over the region, leaving locals with very limited resources for safety and security. Shanty towns, unorganized construction and distasteful architecture add to the reasons why Caracas makes an ugly city. 
Mexico City: This is the most dangerous city in the world, no wonder why it is part of the globe’s ugliest cities. What makes this city not safe for everyone, both to locals and visitors, are the criminals that found a paradise in this district. Despite being a very famous capital due to its country’s beauty and assets, the capital is known for its otherwise uninviting attributes. It may have a certain appeal that makes the city beautiful to the eyes, but the feeling of uncertainty and fear due to lack of security and safety make the people shun away from Mexico City.
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