Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is by far the biggest museum of art in the United States. With over 5 million visitors the museum welcomes each year, this makes the Metropolitan Museum of Art one of the country’s most popular attractions. No doubt, the extensive collection of more than 2 million works is the museum’s inviting factor. Since its establishment from 1870 up to the present, this NY iconic trademark is one of the recognized museums in the world.
The main building of Metropolitan Museum of Art erects on the Central Park’s eastern edge. There is no chance to miss out this museum as it is one of the biggest properties found in Manhattan. Thanks to the high arched ceilings, it becomes the perfect fit for the detailed and intricate giant Christmas tree of New York City. The Cloisters, the smaller version of the museum, is separated from the main building and is found in the Upper Manhattan.
The huge collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art is divided into seventeen curatorial departments, most of which are found in the main building. The permanent collections comprise of sculptures and art works, most of which are from European masters. There is also a vast collection of American and contemporary art. Other forms of art from the African, Byzantine, Asian, Oceanic, and Islam are displayed in the museum. Apart from protector of priceless and timeless forms of art, Metropolitan Museum of Art is also home to pieces that played relevant roles in history. Different armor from almost all countries in the world is on display, as well as antique weapons, ancient costumes and accessories, and musical instruments.
From Roman statues, Chinese vases, Van Gogh paintings, and Tiffany stained glass, there is absolutely something for every visitor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Being a home of a massive collection of relevant art and ancient pieces from all over the globe, touring the entirety of the museum becomes overwhelming. Being a tourist-friendly destination, the museum makes it easy for everyone by offering the “highlight tour.” This type of tour focuses on specific work of art that represents varied culture and era. With the highlight tour, visitors can navigate the museum on their own with ease. Tourists are also offered “gallery talks” where an hour talk is dedicated to a single gallery. Audio guides are also available for a fee.
Metropolitan Museum of Art charges a reasonable fare: $12 for students, $25 for adults and $17 for seniors. Children under 12 years of age and museum members do not need to pay. The entrance fee includes the entrance to The Cloisters and access to special exhibits. The museum operates every day except Mondays.
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