USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii

One of the most respected memorials worldwide, the USS Arizona, is a place you would never miss to pass by if visiting Honolulu in Hawaii. Memories that have passed the golden jubilee mark, still stay fresh by the existence of this national park. The USS Arizona Memorial is a remembrance of the World War II events of the 1940s when the Japanese troop attacked Pearl Habor leading to the sinking of a great battleship that was by then bearing more than 1000 sailors. This memorial is thus set on the position where the ship sunk, and that is close to Pearl Harbor, western side of Honolulu Islands – North Pacific Ocean.
To be able to get to the USS Arizona Memorial, you have to pass through the Pearl Habor to board the US Navy boats that carry passengers to the site. In case you are coming from abroad, you’ll have to board a plane traveling to Honolulu International Airport (Hawaii), then take a bus or taxi to the Pearl Habor. Once you have reached the Harbor, go to the Visitor Center to buy a ticket. Each ticket has a unique number and a specific time at which you will depart for the ride. 
Before boarding the US Navy boat, a film of the attack on the ship is shown at the Visitor Center for less than half an hour. The USS Arizona Memorial consists of three sections, ensuring that every visitor also gets to see the sunken battleship below. On arrival by the US Navy boats, you get to meet the entrance.
The entrance is an unfolding moment of the true colors of the ship. Like anything you will find in a big ship, an old huge anchor and bell gives an insight of entering the same great ship. From the entrance, the next section is the Assembly Room. In here, you get to see more than 20 generally large windows and a transparent see-through at the floor where you can take a glimpse of the battle ship’s decks below the water. This view has used a place of commemorating the sailors who died in the ship. You may throw flowers at this opening as a sign of honor to the departed sailors. The next step is into the Shrine: This is where you meet the names of all sailors that were on the ship at the date of the attack. A marble stands out bearing names of all who died, whereas a plaque, at the left, shows off the survivors, possibly their ashes are contained in the canister by their or their families’ will. 
The USS Arizona Memorial is a serious place. Believe it or not, every ship alighting at the Pearl Harbor must slow down, then the employees in it to stand attention and salute at the Memorial before their ship gradually enters Pearl’s port.
Feel home in Honolulu after the visit to the Memorial. There is no worry about accommodation since there are many hotels to spend your calm night after the in-depth ride around the USS Arizona Memorial. Just to name but a few is the Plaza Hotel located next to Nimitz Highway, just half a mile from the international airport; it contains suites and spaces with a tropical arena. Another option is the Ohana hotel that is near the airport; a good one if you are here for a business trip, apart from visiting.
Tell me a place that has no rules, and you get to see a place where speed is not an option. Well, if you are local of Honolulu, you know well that traffic is always slow; not because of traffic jams, but residents don’t see the need for a hurry. Hooting would be embarrassing to the vehicle and its driver. Secondly, if you have come along with your car, leave it locked and without valuables in it. Ensure you arrive at the USS Arizona Memorial early because it flocks with people, and you may lose your chance if you come during the afternoon hours.
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