Nuuk, Greenland

Nuuk, the administrative capital of Greenland is referred to as the city of ‘Good Hope’. Approximately a quarter of the Greenland population lives in Nuuk. Most visitors to this city have accused it of being soulless and feature numerous high rise building blocks. With about 20, 000 people, it is the most populous city in the country but one of the least populated world capitals. The city was founded by Hans Egede in 1728 and has translated into a bustling city and home to Greenland National Museum, Katuaq Center, and other well-known tourist attractions. Along with the rest of Greenland, Nuuk enjoys a subarctic kind of climate. Greenland is not connected to other cities by a rail or road system and air or boat is the only practical travel means. 
The good news about Nuuk is that the city can be accessed easily and conveniently especially by air. Daily flight connections are available from Kangerlussuaq and boats that are scheduled for Nuuk are also available especially in the holiday season of Easter and Christmas. Being a small city, getting around the city on foot is quite easy and the local road network is well advanced. The many taxis and buses also make it much easy to travel around Nuuk and illuminate ski trails are also available in the city during the winter season. Nuuk’s old colonial town sits on the eastern side of the city center and houses Hans Egede House, Hans Egede statue, and a church.
Nuuk is home to the Nuuk Museum of Art and Greenland National Museum both of which host historical and cultural exhibitions. The national museum is also a place where you can find the famous mummies, amulets and historical costumes. The Art Museum has more than 300 unique paintings that visitors can enjoy. The city also has a culture house that largely focuses on live performances and contemporary exhibitions of local art. Whale watching is another enjoyable activity in Nuuk and three whale species are found here including the Humpback, fin, and minke whales. You can easily see these whales especially between May and November when on a sailing excursion or cruise.
The private Nuuk Art Museum houses expansive collections of ivory, wood carvings, paintings, and soapstones. The Katuaq Culture Center is an ideal place for hosting large conventions and meetings and the public can also access a restaurant and a care at the site. Anori Art is also a great shop for buying top-quality souvenirs that are affordably priced. With numerous attractive sights in Nuuk, guided tours are the best way to explore the city. Local guides will explain to you about the cultural centers, museums, and general information about Nuuk. Other enjoyable things to do in Nuuk include cruises, sailing, hiking, skiing, and a chance to experience the famous Nuuk marathon. Being just a small city, Nuuk is one of the safest and most peaceful cities in the world with a very low crime rate. There are also no slums in Nuuk and you can thus visit any place at any time.
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