Cairns, Australia

Cairns functions as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland in Australia. Cairns is highly cosmopolitan with the nearly 200, 000 people living here are seriously focused on the tourism industry. International tourism is very booming here especially Japanese tourists being well catered for in Cairns and most of the signs in shops are written in both English and Japanese. The rainforest that surrounds the city acts as a perfect gateway to other top destinations like Daintree and Kurada. Besides tourism, Cairns city also supports agricultural activities especially the cultivation of bananas, sugar cane, tea, and coffee. Accommodation facilities at Cairns are many and varied to suit different kinds of budgets and there are numerous restaurants and drinking establishments that cater to all kinds of tastes.
The general atmosphere at Cairns is unpretentious and laid back and the prices of items are largely inexpensive and very affordable. The city has a plethora of coffee shops and clubs located all over which overflow with international tourists. This gives the city of Cairns an awesomely great cosmopolitan feel. Central Cairns has no swimming beach as such and this part of the ocean is largely filled with mud. However, south and north Cairns offers incredibly many choices. At the heart of the city lies a large lagoon-style outdoor pool and is highly popular with both local and international tourists. In addition, tourists desiring to enjoy a memorable beachside resort vacation will be thrilled with the many spoiling choices available here.  
Cairns is a city of events and you can expect not to feel bored during your holiday. If you are lucky, you can catch a rugby game in the city and it is a perfect way of interacting with the local folks. Sometimes, Cazaly’s Stadium hosts international cricket in Cairns and you can catch a game if you time well. One of the best basketball teams in Cairns has its home as Cairns including the highly famous Joe Blake, the Snake, and mascot. Natural attractions in Cairns are also highly attractive. The Centenary Lake for example is characterized by various creeks and small creeks. There is also a park and picnic area as well but you will need to be careful of crocodiles in the lake.
City Botanic Gardens in Cairns are a perfect place to learn about tropical plants and vegetation that the Aboriginal people use. Lake Placid is a peaceful lake tucked in between Kuranda and at Barron Gorge National Park and is surrounded by a great rainforest and has incredible picnic spots. The Mount Whitfield Conservation Park gives perfect views of the entire city and has well-marked walking tracks. 
The Northern Beaches can be reached easily by bus services and even though swimming at the beaches isn’t recommended as such, the tropical beaches are very beautiful and ideal places for walking and relaxing. These beaches are such as the Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Yorkeys knob, Kewarra Bech, Clifton Beach and Holloways Beach. Finally, you can spend some of your time at Smithfield Conservation Park and enjoy a walk in the rainforest.
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