Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dushanbe is the national capital city of Tajikistan which ex-pats have nicknamed ‘The Big Dusche’. While the city is not as huge as such, tourists can easily get lost in Dushanbe because most of the streets here do not have names. As such to navigate around the city, you should beware of some of the famous landmarks. Dushanbe is quite interesting but the city is best visited for a limited number of days. Nevertheless, Dushanbe doesn’t have much to offer to tourists, and rather than some monuments and a museum, don’t expect to find the eighth wonder of the world. With only three notable clubs, nightlife in Dushanbe falls short of the western standard. Clubs in Dushanbe are very bad, to be honest, and besides playing bad music, they are full of prostitutes.
Streets in Dushanbe are beautifully lined with some tall trees and taking a stroll in the evening is always a pleasant experience to enjoy. The Rudaki Park in the city features many fountains featuring colored lights. There is also a botanical garden where you can escape the hectic city life and enjoy a quiet and peaceful place away from the noise and dust. The city is home to a huge statue of Somoni commemorating the man after whom the national currency was named. While taking photos of the statue is not restricted, some police will demand some money and you will need to play it safe by standing far and using your camera’s zoom.
The Victory Park offers a pleasant hiking experience and you can climb at the top to catch some great views of Dushanbe city. The 13th Century Fort Hissar is a must-visit. The fort houses some small museums which display cultural exhibits of the Tajik people. While the Soviet troops did destroy the fort as they hunted for the famous Enver Pasha, the ruins that remain are still worthy of your time. The Gaming Musical Instrument Museum is just small in size but stocks a wide variety of interesting musical instruments collection from the Central Asian region. The area also frequently hosts cultural and musical events which will leave you fascinated.
The Museum of Antiquities has a collection of interesting exhibits even though the museum appears a little old fashioned. There is also a nearby Museum of Ethnography that has displays of the traditional Tajik costumes and dress and it is quite cheaper to visit. The Museum of Archeology in Dushanbe is also worthy of a visit as you will see Buddha sleeping. The old traditional Rohat Chaikhona teahouse doesn’t have great food but its architecture is quite interesting. If you are a fan of cheap or free concerts, you can find them at Opera Ballet which is often sponsored by traveling companies and embassies. Other areas to visit in Dushanbe are such as the Bactria Cultural Centre, Mayakovsky Theatre, and Padida Theatre alongside other concert halls. For shopping, you can find various food varieties like nuts, vegetables, fresh fruit, and meats at Shakhmansur Bazaar.
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