Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City is a modernized urban settlement that serves as the capital city of Kuwait. Featuring high rise buildings, wide boulevards, luxury hotels, and well-maintained gardens and parks, the bustling Kuwait City is undoubtedly an interesting place to visit. It also has a seaport that is very busy and used by pleasure crafts, cargo ships, and oil tankers. A few of the notable landmarks in Kuwait City include the Grand Mosque, Liberation Tower, and Kuwait Towers. Hawaii and Salmiya are the two major areas for business activities and residential places. Palaces are a key aspect of Kuwait City with As –Seef Palace found in the old city and Bayan Palace being the headquarters of the government.
Tourists can fly into Kuwait City through Kuwait International Airport and local taxis facilitate travel around the city. Kuwait Towers are the first obvious attractions to see in Kuwait City and are the unofficial symbol of Kuwait. Swedes designed the towers but the building was done by the Yugoslavs and is extremely interesting in every aspect. The Liberation Tower boasts as one of the world’s tallest and most famous telecommunication towers. 
However, tourists are not allowed to enter the tower except on National Day, February 25. The National Museum used to be very popular among tourists until most of its artifacts were taken away during war times. However, the museum is currently undergoing a major renovation and expected to make a major comeback. 
The Sadu House is located just next to the National Museum and the cultural museum is made of gypsum and coral and used for the protection of arts and crafts for the Bedouin society. The Bayt Al- Badr is one of the few houses standing today that showcases the old Kuwaiti architecture. Seif Palace is worthy of passing by and has a great interior featuring traditional Islamic tile work even though it seriously suffered during the Iraqi occupation era and entry is nowadays not allowed. The National Assembly is where Kuwaiti Parliament sits and is not open for the public let alone the tourists. Grand Mosque is yet another place worthy of a visit as well as the War Museum.
The Fish Market is a bustling, giant market that is stocked with abundant fish and has a very clean interior. The entertainment city is an amusement park where families can go to have fun. The Scientific Center in Kuwait City has an aquarium and nature movies and a place for extreme fun. Other interesting areas in Kuwait City include the Sea Clubs, Liberation Monument, Science and Natural History Museum, Zoological Park, Municipal Gardens, and Musical Fountain. Some tourists go to Kuwait Towers to have dinner or lunch and it is quite a memorable experience. 
Kuwait City is recognized as a very safe place with very low crime rates despite the fact that it neighbors the war-torn country of Iraq. However, single female tourists should not risk walking around in some suburbs especially at night. Also, drivers in Kuwait City have a reputation of being very reckless and you should cross the streets carefully.