Discover the Dazzling Nightlife of Marrakech

After a day exploring the souks and experiencing the bounty of cultural attractions that Marrakech boasts, the night beckons travelers to revel in the city’s enchanting nightlife. Evenings in Marrakech burst with music and dance. Swimming in centuries of influences from Andalusians, Berbers, Arabs, and Africans, Marrakech today, teems with travelers from around the globe, who visit to experience this rare fusion of tastes and sights. From its starlit terraces to its vibrant clubs, Marrakech is home to some of Morocco’s most dazzling venues, which you can enjoy on one of Club Med luxury breaks.
Marrakech brims with exotic tastes and sensational flavors  Heading out on the town for a magnificent dinner is part of the Marrakech experience. The following dining venues are some of the city’s most revered for cuisine and atmosphere.
La Grande Table Marocaine
This fine restaurant at the Royal Mansour Hotel is a culinary must for anyone in search of Marrakech’s answer to a gourmet feast. As the hotel is owned by the King of Morocco, the entire property is gorgeous and filled with the work for world-class artists and artisans. The food is simply extraordinary and the restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate a special event. 
Al Fassia Aguedal
Internationally renowned, this boutique hotel and its restaurant have garnered considerable patronage from travelers and expatriates living in Marrakech. The restaurant’s Moroccan cuisine is prepared with great flair and served in an elegant dining room that evokes both grandeur and comfort.
Les Trois Saveurs
This restaurant is acclaimed for its tagine-based dishes and extraordinary tastes. Here, you’ll find meats adorned with hazelnut oil or mushroom confit and baked fish, succulent with lemon—there are so many choices, but you can’t go wrong at this standout venue.
Marrakech’s bars are welcoming and ideal for hanging out in a leisurely atmosphere with drinks and friends. Moreover, many are designed with sumptuous décor and serve excellent food in many styles.
Churchill Bar
With its vintage style and old-world elegance, the Churchill Bar is a favorite meeting place and ideal for travelers who want to soak up some of the city’s historic charm. Having been frequented by the rich and famous, the bar is rather like a celebrity in the town itself! 
Sky Bar
Acclaimed for its stunning views of the city, this bar is located on the roof of the prestigious La Renaissance Hotel. The cocktails are delicious and the atmosphere is unsurpassed.
Pacha Marrakech
Many who visit Pacha expect a similar vibe to that of its Ibiza sister club, yet the Marrakech version is unique as its style is utterly distinctive, making it impossible to rival. Sumptuous and elegant, the club boasts various restaurants and bars—even a sushi bar. 
La Plage Rouge
When the weather is steamy, head to this spectacular water lounge, which is more like an exotic oasis than a club. Located just outside of the city, it’s the perfect place to mingle poolside with drinks with all the other beautiful people that frequent its restaurants and bars.
Le Comptoir
This great venue is famous for its cuisine, but many simply come for its stunning vibe. With chandelier strewn ceilings and red walls, the dinner club is enchanting and always features on best clubs of Marrakech lists. With a terrific wine list and plenty of delectable cocktails, the food is also raved, about as is the atmosphere.
While Marrakech is filled with many entertainment venues, drinking outside of these establishments should always be done discreetly and never given mosques, so as not to offend the city’s residents. Morocco is an Islamic country and although alcohol is culturally acceptable, public drunkenness is not. Nevertheless, with its beautiful establishments, it’s always easy to find a table and a welcoming room to enjoy the city’s brand of nightlife.