Durban, South Africa

Durban is the third-largest city in South Africa and the best place to enjoy a lively seaside holiday vacation. The city has quite a long beachfront decorated with high rising snack bars and hotels which remain as the landmarks of Durban. At the heart of the city are colonial buildings with a fascinating architecture that gives the city a historical atmosphere. Most Indian immigrants to South Africa have made Durban their home. Even though the city has one of the best beach fronts most tourists are cautious about traveling to Durban due to the increasing crime rate where criminals are based in the shopping malls, stylish eateries, and even funky bars and prey on unsuspecting tourists. 
Tourists traveling at the city’s beachfront prefer using the rickshaw but the city undoubtedly has a well-developed transport system. Such means of travel are simply used for mere amusement as the city is a place of utmost enjoyment. The Durban Botanical Gardens are just awesome and you might just be lucky to find cultural weddings taking place here.
Mahatma Gandhi Settlement was originally the home of Mahatma Gandhi and is an exciting tourist spot to visit. The KwaZulu National Parks offers the best experience for game dries in Durban. If you want to get some relaxation and meditation lessons to boost your inner peace the Meditate Buddhist Centre is the place to visit. Water sports are common in Durban including swimming, canoeing, surfing, diving, and snorkeling.
The Calypso Dive and Adventure Center is the best place for diving to wrecks, offshore reefs and caves. Durban Tourism Centre is located right at the heart of the city and you can get all the travel information you need starting with city tours, accommodation facilities, tour guides and tour operators in the city. Luxury sailing services are offered by Bengithi Yacht Charter. 
Durban is also a city of festivities like Poetry Africa, Durban International Film Festival, Hindu Festivals, and Umhlanga Festivals. For shopping, some of the common items that you can buy include Zulu beadwork wickerwork, spices, furniture, sustainable bags, and baskets. Given that Durban has a high population of Indians, you can expect that Indian dishes are very common like the Durban curry. Another unique dish served in the city is Bunny Chow and the Vintage Restaurant offers perfect Indian dining. Accommodation is available in all budget ranges and you will always find one to suit your needs. 
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