Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

Adamstown is the only settlement town in the Pitcairn Islands and the capital of the territory for that case. To its uniqueness, Adamstown is located further away from any inhabited regions and continents. Due to the isolated geographical location of the Islands, tourists to Adamstown get to experience real life in the beautiful, clean sandy beaches and the amazing rugged terrain landscape.
This serene atmosphere offers the best environment for relaxation and unwinding from the hectic life. As such, the Islands have a wide selection of major tourism resources starting with the Bounty Shipwreck. The historical Bounty remains are quite amazing and the ship was sunk deliberately by infamous mutineers and over time, it has transformed into one of the major tourist attractions you can find in this nation. 
Adamstown is a historical and cultural town. With the town comprising of just a small population and located far away from other civilized cities, it is easy to imagine there are no museums here. However, you will be amazed to realize that there are great museums here and have given the local tourism industry a major boost. Recently, a new museum was set up in the town and houses numerous artifacts including the Fletcher Christian Bible. Also, stamp collections are found in the museum as well which feature the National Geographic. The scenery in Adamstown is just amazing and from the town, visitors can get a nice view of the island. Major Garnet’s Ridge is also a great vantage point. Situated 300 meters above sea level, tourists can see the island spread from west to east. 
For adventurism, Adamstown is famous for down roping as it is home to several cliffs some of them located in the isolated sandy beaches. Swimming is also a major activity here especially due to the cold waters of the ocean that are amazingly relaxing especially when Island is calm. St. Paul’s Pool in Adamstown is a picturesque small pool that is known to offer some of the best swimming activities in the area and it is also a notable bird-watching spot. Sailing in the ocean water is also an amazing thing to do especially that the locals are always more than willing to explain to you about the islands. 
Scuba diving and snorkeling are also other activities that you should engage in while in Adamstown. This gives you an opportunity of exploring the wonderful coral reefs and shipwrecks at the ocean. Other recreational activities in Adamstown include going for picnics as well as playing various sports such as tennis and volleyball. The islands are known for their trademark, inviting tropical climate.
As such, summers are hot and humid while winters are cool and wet. What makes the Pitcairn islands a great place to travel is that travelers are always comfortable regardless of when they decide to visit Adamstown. However, typhoons are also experienced in the region from time to time and you need to be cautious especially when diving in the ocean. 
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