Palm Beach, Aruba

Palm Beach has always been at the forefront of the bustling tourism industry of Aruba. Famous for its magnetic water sports and the amazing sparkling white beaches Palm Beach is simply the best vacation destination in the southern Caribbean Sea.
Palm Beach is a small coastal city on the Aruba Island and it boasts of having the largest number of hotels, casinos, spas, and shopping malls in the entire southern Caribbean Sea. It is a true paradise for holidaymakers as it has such a bewitching hold on every visitor that has a chance to witness its glorious sunsets, enjoy a barefoot dining on the beach, or just lazy around enjoying the sun and the sea.
The most preferred method of traveling to and from Aruba is by air with the main entry point being the Queen Beatrix International Airport located near the capital city: Oranjestad. You can also arrive by sea and dock at either of the two major ports: Barcadera or Playa, both located near Oranjestad. Traveling on the island is mainly by bus however, in towns and resort areas such as Palm Beach travel is mainly by smaller vans, which mostly carry tourists.
Palm Beach houses some of the best accommodation facilities in the southern Caribbean Sea; they range from magnificent hotels, resorts to villas. They are all easy to locate and offer some of the best services in the region. Here are some of the best: the Boardwalk Hotel Aruba, which is a small beach hotel that offers several lovely bedrooms.
The Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris casino are renowned for having the largest number of guest rooms and ideal for large groups or are worth checking them out when your preferred resort is fully booked because you will always get a room here. They also offer some stunning services. Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is another lovely beach facility worth visiting. It is grander than most other facilities and offers perhaps the best dining and accommodation in the entire Palm Beach. There many other lovely facilities for you to check out once you have settled in.
There are dining establishments that serve international cuisines, and one of a favorite is the Blanche Restaurant, which employs stunningly lovely personnel and serves a wide variety of international dishes at competitive prices and for predominantly American desserts visit the Hollywood Smokehouse near the beach. There are also several restaurants that offer local dishes and for some of the best just as around as it is always fun stumbling onto something testy and lovely. There are also a good number of music and drink entertainment spots to carry you away all evening and night. Some of those you might consider visiting include; Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club and Brickell Bay Beach Club.
Whenever you are in Palm Beach, water sports and sunbathing is always calling you. Along the glistering beaches you will always find water sport operators ready to entice you with a sport that will astound you and it is always fun to try out a sport you have not tried in a long time. Sunbathing is also a great attraction to vacationers especially those keen on just lazing around. You could also explore the deep-sea life right from the beach and wonder at goods creations.
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