The Glamorous Cannes, France

Cannes is a glorious seaside town and a very popular tourist destination located in the French Riviera. It is a major social centre in Europe and the month of May when the Cannes film festival is held is normally the peak of activity in this little seaside town. Famous for its luxurious restraints, boutiques, casinos, and magnetic nightlife, Cannes plays host many celebrities throughout the year, however it is during the Cannes film festivals that fans have a real chance to meet the famous and rich celebrities. With numerous attractions, awesomely beautiful sceneries and an amazing marine life, tourists always have a lot to enjoy.
Travelling to Cannes from within France can be by train, bus, taxi, private car or by boat. Majority of the visitors from abroad first arrive at the Nice’s Cote d’Azur International Airport then connect to Cannes either by an express coach, a train or by taxi. Express coaches are a favorite for tourists travelling within France and it is always the easiest means to use when travelling to Cannes.
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For economy travelers however, train would be the most viable option. If you are coming from Nice there is a train connecting St. Augustine station and Cannes and it runs every 30 minutes. Travelling by bus is also another cheaper option however buses often experience road delays and can be costly if one is interested in keeping time. The options of taking a taxi, travelling by a high-speed boat or a helicopter are always available for the very rich.
There are numerous places you can board and stay in Cannes for a short term or long-term stay. These accommodation places range from luxury hotels to simple but beautifully furnished guesthouses. Some of the popular facilities include; Palais Stephanie- a unique business and leisure property with more than 200 rooms including suites, meeting rooms and a large auditorium, 3.14 hotel-an extraordinary hotel with rooms designed by their makers from the five continents and all rooms have flat-screen TV, Hotel Martinez- this a favorite a board for celebrities and famous rich, and Hôtel Alnea- this is a comfortable hotel with basic features and luxurious facilities including a satellite TV.
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Dinning in Cannes is a great experience of the local French cuisine. Delicious fresh and natural meals can be found just in almost any restaurant pricing however, seems to be on the upper side in most establishments. The best meals are to be found in restaurants along the river front but if you are travelling on economy keep off these restaurants. There are restaurants almost on every street that provide nice dishes at reasonably low prices, so you will not have difficulty finding where to dine.
Cannes is home to numerous attractions, they include; Old town— with narrow and often winding streets lined with restaurants and souvenir shops, Îles de Lérins— these are two islands in the bay one has a monastery ruin with monks while the other has a castle, the beaches, and Palais des Festivals.

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