Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba Island is an ideal tropical haven for holidaymakers located off the Tanzanian coast within the Zanzibar Archipelago, directly opposite Matemwe Beach on Tanzania’s mainland coast. It is a tiny rectangular island with a circumference of fewer than two kilometers and it is surrounded by oval reef, which leads to it being incorrectly referred to as the Mnemba atoll. The Island is renowned throughout East Africa as a scuba diving site and it is popular since it houses a wide variety of corals and numerous other marine species. Snorkeling is not allowed within a radius of 200 meters from the island. It is a privately owned paradise for those ready to enjoy the pleasures this island has to offer.
When traveling from stone town on the main Zanzibar Island, it takes about a one and a half-hour drive than a boat crossing of about twenty more minutes. The boat ride allows you to experience the sight of the beauty of Mnemba Island from a far distance. Traveling to the Zanzibar archipelago is by either air where you land at the international airport on the main island or you travel by a cruise ship. The journey from the main island is adventurous if you love exploring different cultures, as here is where you first come face to face with the famous east African Swahili culture.
A true replica of a heavenly dwelling place, Mnemba island lodge that owns the island is designed beautifully and amazingly for the ultimate beach life experience. With only ten specious bands dotting the coastline of this gorgeous island, Mnemba Island Lodge is the sole accommodation facility on the island that can luxuriously host no more than twenty guests at a time.
The island is privately owned by the Mnemba island lodge, there is only one place to get a good meal: the lodge. However the setting and the variety of food served here will blow you away and more than compensate for the lack of variety of hotels. Dining on the beach every day is legendary here, the cool breeze, the warm water and the endless shed of the blue ocean water do nothing other than adding to your appetite. The fantastic kinds of seafood served by the Mnemba island lodge have no equal in east Africa. The food is delicious excellently served in a purely serene environment. The dining experience on Mnemba Island is nothing else but excellent.
Mnemba Island is an attraction in its entirety. A beautiful island surrounded by sparkling white sandy beaches and lovely forests. If you are a guest here, you can spend your day just lazing around on the beach or snorkeling along the coral reefs and perhaps explore the sea kayaks. However, if you love marine life, then diving would be your thing. You will however have to take a short boat ride out into the ocean to the coral reefs and have a go at exploring the wonderful marine life. You could also try your luck at spotting dolphins and turtles