Bondi Beach, Australia

Known for its glittering blue ocean waters, lively white sand beaches, a coastal lifestyle, and a friendly community, Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Bondi Beach is now a favorite tourist destination for many vacationers especially from Great Britain. It has a thriving tourist industry, a rich cafe culture, boutique shops, and magnificent accommodation facilities. On a typical day, you are bound to encounter scores of tourists of various origins such as the Britons, Portuguese, Germans, and Dutch among others enjoying their holiday on the beach. The community is very friendly and tolerant and you will never miss a group of topless tourists sunbathing or a gay or lesbian couple publicly displaying their affection.
Bondi beach, like all other tourist destinations in Australia, has its fair share of lovely yet varied tourist accommodation facilities. All these facilities vary from hotels, beach houses to hostels, and the tourists always have a choice that suits their needs. If luxury is your lifestyle then check out the Bondi Beach houses which consist of ten elegantly furnished homes to offer you all the comforts the world has to offer. And to further sweeten your stay all the homes are located just close to the beach with efficient public transport nearby. Boarding in any of the ten houses comes with free snorkeling gear, surfboards, and loads of other goodies. For those traveling cheap the Bondi sands hostels will do for you or check out some of the other hotels near the beach such as Tama beach, Bondi beach house HYA or the Noah’s Bondi beach hotel. 
Bondi is a true dinner’s paradise. Blessed with numerous restaurants, cafes, and other joints just around the beach and along every street food served is sure to be delightful. There are also kiosks right on the beach for a quick bite if the need arises. Some of the most popular eateries include the Bondi Trattoria Café Restaurant, which serves a fusion of Australian and Italian cuisine, the Pompeii’s which somehow expensive but serves a rich and authentic Italian pizza, and Bondi Surf Seafoods which is always open to you when that craving for seafood catches up with you. 
There are numerous attractions within Bondi ranging from the beachfront to historic structures. If you are on a holiday then you have to make a plan of what to do and see. You can begin by enjoying a cool swim if you visit was during summer. Surfing is also another fun activity to carry you away. Surfing gear and training can be obtained at a small fee from surfing schools around the beach. Would you like to explore the underwater museum? Then go scuba diving at the North Bondi and visit the cathedral cave and if you are very lucky you can meet the protected Blue Groper. Or if you just want to relax you can sunbathe on the beach or just take a walk and enjoy the scenery.