Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay, with its sparkling white sand, gently touching the blue Atlantic Ocean and standing against a backdrop of lovely rock outcrops dotted with lush green vegetation, is by no doubt one of the most famous beaches in Bermuda. Standing at about a quarter a mile in width and stretching to about four miles to the east and touching an endless stretch of the ocean, Horseshoe Bay lets you get lost in this bewitching paradise with its alluring fun activities. You can beach walk, snorkel, and sunbathe among many other fun activities.
With a café from which to buy a snack when hungry, washrooms, a foot-washing area, and a lifeguard station to watch out for your safety during the summer, many times you are tempted to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy the moment. It is important to remember that during the winter, the beach normally doubles as an army training camp, and hence it is normally closed to tourists. 
Traveling to Bermuda, you are to use the Bermuda international airport. Traveling within Bermuda is highly dependent on buses. Some connect the airport with the horseshoe bay. Located in Bermuda’s Southampton Parish, Horseshoe bay is served by south road which connects Dockyard and Hamilton city and it’s the bus route 7. From the bus stop to the beach, a bus shuttle operates between 11 am and 5 pm, however; the distance can be walked especially when going downhill.
Horseshoe bay receives thousands of visitors throughout the year, and it has adequate and well-furnished accommodation facilities to cater to the sleeping needs of all these visitors. The most common are condominiums, villas, and resorts. The most popular accommodation facility is the Horseshoe Bay Marriott, which has 300 rooms and suites and all are fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows for a perfect view of the amazingly beautiful surrounding bay area.
Right on, the beach at the Horseshoe bay there is a beach café named Horseshoe bay beach café that serves hotdogs, fish, soda, burgers, chicken, water, and juices you can plan to grab a bit here at any time during the day. Another restaurant: an awesome Italian restaurant called Tio Pepe lies on the south road at the entrance to the beach. You can buy a packed lunch here on your way to the beach. Still you can plan to enjoy a delicious lunch here and enjoy the serenity of the place away from the hustle and bustle of the beach. If you are staying over, all the resorts have nice dining setups for their visitors. You could also plan to visit the Yacht Club Grill and the Yacht Club Pool Bar for warm seaside dining and drinking or the Cap Rock Bar and Grill if you want to have some high-end dining on the bay.
Photo by Kevin Wagar – Wandering Wagars Adventure Family Travel

If it is your first visit to Horseshoe bay then it is worth noting that the almost heavenly beach is the main attraction here. There are numerous water sports such as snorkeling, surfing, and diving to keep you exhilarated throughout your Stay. You could also have fun playing in the beach volleyball competition that is normally staged every two weeks during the summer.

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