Kondoi Beach, Japan

On Taketomi Island, one of the Yaeyama islands in Okinawa, Japan, lays an outstandingly heavenly white sands beach known as Kondo beach. It is a popular beautiful beach, hence a popular tourist destination in Japan. The beach is well equipped with numerous clean and well-maintained facilities such as toilets and showers. It is surrounded by community settlements that are housed by unique houses typical of Japanese architecture with red clay roofs. 
Kondo Cora Beach is a beehive of activity with plenty of fun equipment to enjoy at the shore and in the cool waters of the sea. Kondo Beach is also easily accessible by public means of transport linking the beach to various towns within Taketomi Island of Japan. Kondo Beach is one of the traditionally preserved places. Most of the tourist facilities are emphasized to closely the total ancient Japanese culture, as shown by the traditional Japanese accommodation for tourists visiting the island and the beach. Unique of the places near Kondoi Beach is off the pubic water buffalo transport, resembles the horse-cart service but this time it is a buffalo, which is no reason to be afraid of since they are trained and used to the job. 
You can travel to Kondo Coral Island only by boat, and the nearest place to the beach is Ishigaki. The trip normally takes just about ten minutes. However, to reach the Kondo Coral Beach, you will need another thirty minutes by boat. The most popular means of transport between the port connected to the beach and other places within the Taketomi Island is the traditional Japanese water buffalo carts. 
In Japan, if you are a foreigner, the most exciting place to spend a night is the traditional Japanese houses called the Minshuku. You will have an excellent opportunity to explore the culture of the people of the island while staying comfortable at a much affordable price. There also several modern accommodation facilities to cater to visitors who will not be comfortable with traditional houses. An example is the famous Taketomi guesthouse. 
There are numerous cafes and restaurants on Taketomi Island and near Kondo Cora beach. Mostly the meals served are inspired by traditional Japanese foods and taco rice is such a popular meal that is made up of a bed of rice with basic Tex-Mex taco ingredients. You will always have quality fresh meals in Taketomi which as a good agricultural land just behind the beaches. Seafood is also in good supply and you can have some unique Japanese food served at any time. 
The beach is a major attraction with its beautiful white sands. You can lazy around just enjoy the serenity of the place and the beauty of the place. You can venture into the sea and have fun exploring the depth of the sea and studying wonderful marine life. If you love water sports such as kayaking and snorkeling, you have the best here. You can swim, dive, and still not be contented. There the water is amazing and the scenery is beautiful.