El Nido, Philippines

El Nido is an archipelago of about 45 islands and islets within the Palawan coast in the Philippines. A typical tourist paradise, El Nido is famed for its attractive sandy beaches, beautiful steep limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters and lovely pockets of inlets. Endowed with lovely hotels, resorts, and perfect for water sports such as diving and Kayaking, the islands attract a lot of visitors who have now made tourism the main economic activity within the archipelago.
The Philippine government proudly sponsors tourism in the El Nido Islands. Now, the islands are establishing a strong base for proper coordination of tourism activities. Nevertheless, facilities are of proper standards and enough to cater for the high number of tourists visiting the islands. 
The most popular means of transport for those traveling from abroad is by a large commercial plane to manila the capital city of the Philippines then transferring a small plane to the El Nido airport. Alternatively you can travel to Puerto Princesa airport in Palawan then travel by bus or taxi to El Nido. Traveling around the archipelago is mainly by boat, taxi, or bus.
El Nido has well-developed tourist accommodation facilities of all kinds, from luxurious hotels and resorts lined along the beach to simply clean and well furnished holiday apartments and motels along the main town streets. Some of the most popular facilities include the El Nido four seasons Beach resort, which is located a walking distance from the city center and offers such a kingly accommodation that every visitor has a private balcony, a private toilet and bath, and rooms have cable TV. El Nido beach hotel is also another favorite for regular visitors and offers such comfort to every visitor.
Being a major tourist destination in the Philippines, the number of eateries is infinite and the standard of dishes severed is above the bar almost in every establishment. You will find top European dishes alongside the local Filipino once almost in any restaurant you visit, although there are quite a several restaurants that have specialized in serving only a particular dish. The pricing within the archipelago is also moderate compared to other tourist destinations of the same caliber, However, there some food cafes that tend to be quite expensive but you will always be advised if you ask around.
The waterfront is the major attraction in the entire El Nido archipelago. The beautiful beaches and the crystal clear ocean water will dazzle you on every visit. Also, you have a chance to enjoy the various water sports from swimming, diving, kayaking to snorkeling  With beautiful coral reefs also are marvelous marine life all around the islands. Take time to explore and learn a lot about this wonderful world deep beneath the depths of the ocean. Then you can also visit the peaceful and serene gifts of nature in the form of springs and waterfalls. Just have time to reflect in these peaceful environments and take a piece of the beauty and peace with you in the form of a photo.