Singapore Curious Facts

Singapore is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in South East Asia. This is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with amazing cities with high skyscrapers, huge shopping malls, modern night clubs, and restaurants. As one of the smallest states in the world, this country has a lot to offer to tourists from around the world. Tourism is extremely important for the economy of the country so the authorities are trying their best to make tourists happy. 
Modern infrastructure, beautiful high skyscrapers, and super modern hotels are not the only attractions that this amazing country has to offer. Singapore is a country with rich history and astonishing culture. Going around the cities here, you will be able to see so many historical buildings, interesting monuments that describe the history of this country. This is one of the greatest attractions why tourists are coming to Singapore. 
Singapore offers lots of amusement parks and ZOO’s where you can see some of the greatest attractions in the country. One of the most attractive is the Night Safari. This is the first wildlife night park in the world and it offers over one thousand animals from 15 different species. There are also many underwater attractions, the largest oceanarium is located in the Marine Life Park, such as thousands of other attractions that make this place so interesting for travelers. 
The cuisine of Singapore is something that makes this country proud. You haven’t been here if you haven’t tasted the variety of delicious national recipes. The most popular are the Hainanese Chicken Rice, the Fish Head Curry, Nasi Lemak, and many others. Local people say that food has a sacred status in Singapore. 
If you choose Singapore as your destination, you are entering a world of fun and entertainment. The Sentosa island will be there on your itinerary as will the MarinaBay, JurongBirdPark, the Underwater World. Watch dolphins cavort and marvel at their near-human intelligence. 
When you have had your fill, head to the nearest hawker’s court for a sampling of cuisines from Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Africa, the Middle East, India, and China. Or, you can select a fine restaurant for a quiet meal. The prices might be shockingly high at some top restaurants but then you get what you pay for. A smart way to dine without heartburn is to have online discount coupons ready and then venture out to dine in the best restaurants in Singapore.