Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a Caribbean nation and a member of the British Commonwealth nations. The island is located around the Central American region. Saint Lucia shares coastal shores with the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea both at opposite sides of the island. The center of the administration of this nation’s affairs lies in its modern capital city of Castries. Saint Lucia has striking tourist attractions like the Pintos in the Soufriere region, which are two high peaks that are the significant landmarks of the island. The locals are friendly and the island itself is one of the most chosen destinations for holiday vacations by international tourists visiting the Caribbean.
Traveling into the Saint Lucia Island involves two main means of transport, by plane and by ferry. There are two main international airports operating flights between St Lucia and several places across the world. These are the George FL Charles Airport and Hewanorra International Airport. People from neighboring islands: Guadeloupe and Martinique can use the Express des Isles ferry transportation services to arrive at Saint Lucia’s ports. There are ferry service companies are Channel Shuttles Inc. and Catamaran.
Saint Lucia offers a wide range of accommodation facilities. These include spacious condos, fully equipped apartments, villas, resorts, and high-quality hotel rooms. There are professional services offered in the facilities so security and other necessary provisions are assured. Some of the popular hotels operating in Saint Lucia are the Oceanview Hotel, and the Margo Hotel. There is a quite large selection of beach resorts, which include the East Winds Inn, Rendezvous, Ladera, and the Coconut Bay Resort and Spa. Booking of most of these accommodation facilities can be done online to ensure that your desired choice is set aside by the time you arrive at Saint Lucia Island.
The towns and cities in Saint Lucia have favorite food joints to dine. However, Rodney Bay attracts many tourists because of its varieties of cuisines and the high quality of restaurants and hotels present in the area. The local cuisines consist majorly of fish, veggies, fruits, and dishes topped up with soup. Other forms of meat like chicken and pork are also offered. Interestingly enough, the island people hold festivities every week in which a wide range of dishes is offered to enjoy the music of these celebrations. Wines and other drinks are also available so it will be unavoidable luck to meet and join the festivities to eat the delicious, local food.
Saint Lucia is not only a place to go to work, but you will also find many precious activities to indulge in as you enjoy your leisure time. One of the activities includes swimming in the natural hot pool that is fed by the hot Sulfur Springs near Soufriere. Take a nature hike along the hiking routes of the island, and exercise on a climbing task at the Gros Piton. You could also visit the Pigeon Island nature reserve to get a clear, general glimpse of the neighboring island of Martinique, find out several historic structures to learn about the history of the Saint Lucia Island.
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