Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelago off the coast of northeast Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. It shares maritime borders with Guyana to the southeast and Barbados to the northeast. The country is made of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad is the larger of the two and it is where the majority of the nation’s population resides. 
The country’s economy is mostly driven by the industrial sector specifically focused on petrochemicals, making it one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean area. Tourism is therefore not a major industry leaving the country with a diverse, natural beauty – unspoiled, hidden, and yet to be discovered. You can get to Trinidad and Tobago by plane and by boat. 
By Plane:
The main airport located in Trinidad is the Piarco International Airport. Direct flights are offered here coming from various cities such as Houston, New York, Orlando, Miami, and Newark in the USA; Toronto in Canada; London in the UK; and South American cities like Porlamar, Caracas, Panama City, Georgetown, Paramaribo, and Barbados. On the other hand, Tobago also has its airport called Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport but has limited flights that are mostly to and from London. The table below summarizes the airlines operating from Trinidad and Tobago.
By Boat:
Cruise trips are available between Trinidad and Tobago and Spain. The Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association provides cruise ships to enable passengers to travel from Spain to Trinidad and Tobago. Its services are popularly known as Yachties.
Several hotel chains are operating in the country such as Hilton, Hyatt, and Crown Plaza. If you’re planning to stay in Tobago, then there is a wide selection of guest houses and beach resorts in the area. On the industrialized part of Trinidad, very few lodging houses are available so the best way to go is through homestays. Other guest houses that allow groups of people to interact with each other are the Miracle Healing and The Little Inn.
Among the most popular tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago are the Caroni Bird Sanctuary where the former sugarcane estates can be found, the Lopinot Historical Site where a museum was built on the former cocoa estate of French Count Charles Joseph de Lopinot, the tropical rainforest of Roxborough, and the La Brea Pitch Lake. Other popular beaches in Trinidad are Las Cuevas, Mayaro, Los Iros, Maracas, and Chagville. In Tobago, head to the beautiful beaches of Buco, Canoe Bay, and Pigeon Point.
If you want do to something extraordinary, then try horseback riding by the sea in Buco. Ranked as the number one thing to do in Trinidad & Tobago by, visitors are promised a comfortable ride with the gentle horses. Head out to the liveliest beach on the island of Tobago – the Nylon Pool and expect to be greeted by an amazing sea of cool blue waters. Relax by the shore as you wait for the sunset to cap off your unforgettable vacation here in Trinidad & Tobago.