Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the most diverse travel destinations in the Asian continent. The large mixture of cultures is amazing here. There are historical marks left from the explorers from Europe such as Great Britain, Portugal, and Netherlands navigators. In combination with the many historical marks from the local people and the Indians, Sri Lanka is one great cultural treasure. You will be able to see astonishing discoveries of ancient cities, different monuments, and amazing architecture. There is a reason why Marco Polo describes Sri Lanka as one of the most attractive places in the world. 
The recent history of Sri Lanka was not that good when we are talking about traveling, mostly because of the political problems this country had, which resulted in travel restrictions in the biggest part of the country. On top of that, many natural disasters made this country have a lower value on the travel map. The good thing is that in the last couple of years things got better, travel restrictions were taken off, the government is improving the infrastructure, and tourists are coming back. 
Sri Lanka is one of the most mysterious destinations in Asia. Even many discoveries have been made in the past, there are still many locations hiding lots of ancient cities and cultural treasures that yet should be discovered. At the same time, Sri Lanka is a real paradise. Some of the greatest palm-fringed sandy beaches are found here. The water is crystal clear and the nature around the beaches is stunning. The mountainous landscape is impressive and perfect for exploring the natural beauty of the country. 
Exploring Sri Lanka can be an extraordinary adventure for every traveler. Just driving around some of the national parks will bring you close to some of the animals crossing around the road. You will easily see an elephant, a leopard, and many other animals and birds living in some of the national parks in the country. When you are in Sri Lanka, you should be prepared for the unexpected. 
Sri Lanka is a country that has many festivals. If you go during the summer you will be able to see the famous parade of golden caskets and the festival that is happening in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, which is the greatest trekking place in the country.
If you are going to explore the wildlife in the country, you should consider going there somewhere from the beginning of February until the beginning of the summer when most of the animals are seeking locations with better water supplies. If you want to see a crocodile, the best time to be in Sri Lanka in the last three months of the year.