Why the Maldives is the Most Relaxing Holiday Destination on Earth

No matter how much we kid ourselves, the real reason most of us go on holiday is to do absolutely nothing; although many popular destinations offer the opportunity to see some amazing sites, soak up the local culture, or participate in thrilling activities, the truth of the matter is we’re just happy being able to lie motionless on a beach, enjoying the sunshine for several days. 
We’ve all felt that creeping sense of guilt before, as we near the end of our holiday, and become consumed by the realization that we haven’t done anything. This feeling can be particularly poignant if we’re in a country that offers a wealth of rich experiences beyond laying on a sun lounger and catching some rays. 
Luckily, if you know that doing nothing is your modus operandi on holiday, there are a few destinations that are perfectly geared towards catering to your needs; or lack of them! One such example is the Maldives, a small island cluster in the Indian Ocean renowned for its luxuriousness and hospitality. 
Here are ten reasons you should visit the Maldives of you want to relax;


Chances are you don’t wish to interact a great deal with other people if unwinding is high on your priority list. With over 100 different islands you’re likely to have plenty of room to yourself.
Weather You Can Set Your Watch To
Owing to their enviable location, the Maldives enjoy a year-round summer, making them the perfect destination to escape a dreary British winter, or indeed a dreary British summer.

A Taste of Paradise

The Maldives truly embodies the widely accepted vision of utopia, white sandy beaches, and clear blue shallow seas a reality here, so if you’ve ever wanted to holiday in a Bounty advert, the Maldives is the place for you.
Abundance of Spas
Simply being in the Maldives is relaxing enough, but for a blessed out mood, take advantage of one of the many massages and spas treatments available, you won’t need that ‘lapping water’ CD soundtrack either, the real thing is much better!
Premier Hospitality
The Maldives makes a lot of money from tourists, and unlike other popular holiday spots, the locals appreciate this, resort staff are polite and attentive, often catering to your every whim, which means you need to move even less.
Diving Hotspots
Although this list promotes inactivity, diving is such a tranquil pursuit it barely warrants being called exercise, after all, what could be more relaxing than frolicking around in the warm tropical waters surrounded by schools of colorful fish. Follow our guide for great places to go snorkeling in the Maldives.Unique Accommodation
Hotels can often be noisy and overcrowded, which is why the Maldives offer timber retreats with thatched roofs suspended above the ocean on stilts, connected to the main islands with long wooden walkways.
Sunset Cruises
The lack of light pollution in this part of the world makes for a beautiful sunset, and there’s no better way to enjoy one than on a private cruise on the pristine seas.