Great Britain (United Kingdom)

Great Britain is a one of the strongest kingdoms in the world in the North West part of the European continent bordering France to the north and Iceland to the south east. Great Britain is an island group of developed countries namely: Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and England. Great Britain also known as the United Kingdom is under the monarchical rule. 
Remains of the pre-historic Great Britain can be found at the Box grove Quarry in Sussex. This large island is believed to have been inhabited by human forms of the developing around five hundred years ago. Traces of native animal species like the wild horses and brown bears are found in the Cheddar Gorge. The political union between all the states of the island was named the United Kingdom at the beginning of the eighteenth century by the Treaty of Union.
Great Britain
Great Britain has several attraction sites ranging from the amazing landscape features to the historical sites with large rolling hills, mountain ranges and beautiful lakes in the England Island. You can never miss to view the unique, interesting, architectural designs of some famous buildings in the island like the seventeenth century Langley Chapel which has its furniture that were used in the century to date. Take a look at one of the wonders of the world, the Stone hedge. Pass through the Saffron Waden Museum that is famous for its archaeological materials, artifacts and cultural textiles. The south west England beach points are a rock of activities from surfing, diving, sun bathing and adventuring into the beautiful marine animals and birds. Take nature walks across the land, horse riding, and group camping with fine fire places and check out the ancient stone walls. Legoland Windsor is a park you can enjoy with family and friends.
Ireland gives tourists the opportunity to stay in one of the ancient castles of the land. Visit the Blackness Castle of the fifteenth century which was once a royal residence has its own prison section and maintenance of ammunition. The Channel Islands offers wide varieties of adventures. There you find small settlements of people living a less modernized life but still, the islands have an airport. These villages have been in existence for centuries. The Channel Islands people speak Norman language and embrace the Old English, modern English, French and Norman cultures. The natural beaches of the islands are also a fantastic place for all coastal fun activities you can think of. Visit England’s Chester Zoo where you will meet with thousands of animals of more than two hundred species existing in this planet. The Saint James Park is another beautiful garden to visit, with colorful flower beds and a surrounding lake and two islands in the lake.
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Accommodation is available in all Great Britain countries. There are several restaurants, exotic hotels, and holiday houses to relax and continue the adventuring the Great Britain region. The hospitality services are of a high rating as Great Britain applies even its advanced facilities to better the tourism services and facilities to ensure tourists have their best stay in Great Britain.
Great Britain Map
Great Britain Map

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