Delaware, USA – The First American State

Welcome to the American attraction with the richest history, one of the best natural beauty and tempting trails. Delaware is also known as the first state in the United States. They call it like this because it was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, which it did on December 7, 1787. That is the main reason why Delaware is represented first in presidential inaugurations and other national events. One of the best attractions this destination has to offer are the beautiful beaches, the various outdoor activities and the well known delicious restaurants. Other thing you will be enjoying here are the tax-free shopping, thrilling night clubs or the famous NASCAR races that are happening here.
One of the reasons why there are not so many common tourist attractions such as large monuments, memorial buildings or themed parks is the reason that the state of Delaware is a small state and the area that this state covers is not taking huge space. Instead of this, you will be surprised of the number of beach resorts, beautiful hotels, numerous lighthouses, and many other attractions that are visited by a huge number of tourists every year.
One of the most popular tourist landmark in Delaware is the Air Mobility Command Museum. This is one of those attractions in Delaware that has historical meaning for the state, because of the number of fighter planes that are dating from the Second World War. It is visited by huge number of tourists every day. Most interesting planes for them are the Cargo Master, the Star Lifters, Flying Boxcar and many other.
An interesting fact about this travel destination is that if you look at a map, you’ll notice that Delaware’s northern boundary with Pennsylvania is formed by the arc of a perfect circle. Also, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia share the Delmarva Peninsula. This makes Delaware the only state with a circular boundary. Tourists going to Delaware are mostly there because of the beautiful beaches this state has. They are mainly visited by Americans that live near this state, so it is one of the best options to visit it for a family vacation. The beaches during the summer are crowded and give you a great feeling if you are such a person that feel comfortable among lots of people.
There are tourists coming from all over the United States and other parts of the world, but most of the people coming to Delaware are from the near states such as Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or even from Washington D.C. Their main destination is usually the Rehoboth beach, since this is the most popular place for beach lovers, but there are also so many other places where you can choose to go during your vacation there.
If you are not a beach lover, you should consider some of the attractions in Delaware where you can enjoy the landscapes showing the beautiful nature here. One of the best parts of the Appalachian Mountains in Delaware is the so-called Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This beautiful place is extended on more than 60 000 acres and it offers some of the best outdoor activities around.
You will be amazed by the beauty of the Delaware’s River that stretches from the Delaware Water Cup northward almost to the New York state line. There are so many outdoor activities to be done, such as various sport contest going on. This scenic area preserves relatively unspoiled land on both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania sides of the Middle Delaware River. There are many accommodation offers you may use, the hotels around are cozy with high quality, there are delicious restaurants that serve the best local food such as other specialties combined with great wine.
Travelers here have so many choices to spend their time. Some of the most common activities is camping. If you are an adventurous type of person, you should settle your camp here. The nature is splendid, and the landscape is indescribable. Canoeing is also a popular thing to do, together with fishing or hunting, snowmobiling and cross country skiing during the winter, climbing on the hills and many other things you are free to try at this beautiful travel destination. This is one of those tourist places where boredom is not an option.
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