Connecticut, USA

One of the richest United States travel destinations, Connecticut offers a wide choice of interesting places to see, and a huge choice of things that can be done when you are a tourist there. This destination promises visitors an unforgettable vacation. As its best advantages we can count all types of tourist attractions, starting from the state’s numerous scenic beaches, beautiful themed parks, exciting places to visit such as beautiful nature trails, historical sites, splendid gardens and farms. The antique stores are also well known by tourists, so you can choose something that will remind you of your time spent in this beautiful state.
Connecticut is one of those destinations where you can feel the cosmopolitan style. From rafting down the Farmington River and kayaking through the Thimble Islands to following the Connecticut Wine Trail and enjoying coastal cuisine, Connecticut provides endless options for unforgettable holidays. The modern buildings, hotels, and houses gives this state a modern look. There are plenty of casinos if you want to try your luck as well. 
Connecticut is one of the richest states in the United States. In the state is situated very rich people, who spend their money building castles, hotels, and luxury villas that give this place a paradise look. Although Connecticut is a small country, its beauty and attractions bring tourists from all over the USA and the world. In Connecticut you will find a collection of 19 castles, most of them are already famous tourist attractions and they are all open for the public.
One of the most famous castles Gillette is located at 67 River Road in Gillette Castle State Park. This castle was built by the eccentric author William Gillette from 1914 to 1919. It included 3 miles long railway, large surrounding property, and a beautiful castle. In 1943 the state of Connecticut took the property and so there was made the park Gillette, as part of the castle. This castle has over 100,000 visitors annually and is one of the most desirable tourist attractions in Connecticut.
Connecticut is a country that is very rich with fascinating history, a special place where it is very advantageous to live and work. This state is special not only because it is the economic center, but also it has a very beautiful nature. Connecticut is a beautiful state, which will always make you feel comfortable among the hills and forests. It has the highest income per capita in the United States. It is considered as a part of Massachusetts, known for its high concentration of colleges and universities.
Convention Center is located between Boston and New York. This is the centerpiece of Hartford’s Riverfront Recapture. It is home to several of the largest insurance companies in the world. The city is also home to several historic attractions such as the Wadsworth Atheneum (the nation’s first public museum), the Mark Twain House, the Hartford Stage, the Bushnell Memorial Auditorium, and the Artists Collective. The city has an exciting nightlife, entertainment and a huge choice of many restaurants, authentic Italian cuisine and many other.
Connecticut is the most southern state of the New England region in the USA, and it is a perfect destination for a vacation, weekend, or even for a day. It is close to New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and the eastern part of Pennsylvania, which makes it easy to go from there if you are in some of those parts of the USA or if you live somewhere in the near places in the USA. Accommodation in this state is one of the best parts.
The hotels, resorts or romantic bed and breakfasts are really plentiful. You can find so many things to do there, starting from planning a family holiday at the Ocean Park beach located in New London, shopping the designer stores, trying your luck at some of the many casinos or buying antiques, you won’t be sorry if you visit this beautiful destination.