Argentina is known as one of the best travel destinations in South America. This amazing country offers so many natural treasures and various tourist attractions. It is famous for its gorgeous landscapes, modern cities, and great culture. For many travelers, Argentina is known as a traveler’s paradise. It is spread on around 3600km from Bolivia to the tip of South America and it is one of the largest tourist attractions in South America with the size almost as large as India. Argentina is a country that offers attractions for everyone. From amazing mountains, clean natural lakes, rivers that offer great adventures. 
There are so many things to do there, especially if you love nature. You can visit so many natural resorts, maybe climb at the highest peak in South America, take a look at the world’s greatest and most beautiful waterfalls, walk at places with thousands of penguins around you, enjoy the perfect places for hiking, etc.
The capital city is Buenos Aires. This is one of the most important metropolitan cities in Latin America. Many important administrative buildings are located there. There you will find the office of the National Government and Judicial Power. Lots of other strategic buildings are located here as well such as an office for diplomatic relations, the forces of defense and security, etc.
Buenos Aires is mostly a famous tourist attraction because of its architecture. Lots of historical moments are shown through all the monuments and buildings all around this beautiful destination. You can find remains of the influence of the Italians, Spaniards, French, and others all over the buildings and parks around. There are so many churches and sculptures in Buenos Aires, something that makes this city a huge cultural destination. Another thing that is impressive here is the beautiful mansions, the nice looking gardens, wide avenues, and so many other things that show how many people here were and are taking care of this city. What impressed me the most is how all those historical and unique churches are integrated among all those high buildings, large houses, and modern skyscrapers.
If you are looking for a vacation in Argentina, you have a huge range of options. Some of the best things that makes Argentina so famous is their famous wine. Some of the best wines are made here. And that’s not all. Maybe the best they have to offer is their nature among everything else. Maybe the best state in Argentina in Mendoza. What you will see there, you won’t find anywhere else. From deserts to beautiful lakes, from perfect looking valleys to high mountains that offer perfect hiking and climbing conditions. Pretty much there is everything for everyone. If you ever go to Argentina, don’t forget to miss this place.
This country is very large, and this is one of the reasons why the airline traffic is developed a lot. Most of the internal flights are going through Buenos Aires. Another thing why you should visit Argentina are their excellent beaches. You will be thrilled from the beauty of their sandy beaches and great hotels around it. The long coastline spread on the Atlantic Ocean gives Argentina the perfect opportunity for great tourism, and as native people love to say “Argentina has a beach for everyone”. Not only sandy beaches, but you will also see places with complete wilderness, highly urbanized places, and for those who love to party some clubs will take your breath.
Argentina offers great luxury holiday offers as well. One of the best luxury travel destinations in Argentina is the Pinamar beach resorts. If you want a place for peace and relaxation, you have come to the right place. Pinamar is famous as a wealthy people destination, and because of that there are so many luxury stores, spas, branded designer boutiques, some of the best white sandy beaches. If you are looking for a luxury place, but you also want to keep it private, your place is called Carlo. This is a luxury resort that is kept away from the masses of tourist and here you will find amazing isolated cabins that are kept away from the eye of the curious tourists.
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