Things to do in Vanuatu

One of the most interesting things, when you are in Vanuatu, is Scuba diving. There are many specialized shops in Port Villa where you can get all the equipment you will need for the biggest adventures in your life. What is also interesting is the game fishing. Lots of tourists that have been there describing that as an unforgettable and joyful experience. Some other active sports you may also like are horseback riding at some of the local ranches at Port Villa, also yachting is well developed there.
You can rent some yacht on a charter vessel at Port Villa. For those who love playing golf or windsurfing, there will be plenty of fun here. There are two major golf fields and plenty of others in the hotels around. You can windsurf as much as you like at Port Villa’s Erakor Lagoon.
All of the activities shown above are making a complete tourist resort. There is no reason to mention the accommodation offers you will get here at Vanuatu. Another thing that I forgot to mention is the great possibility for hikers here at Vanuatu. You will be surprised about the hiking places that the island of Tanna is offering. There are also Malekula and Erromango that must be visited by tourists that enjoy hiking.
There are wonderful offers for everyone. People that love to relax on white sandy beaches, those who like windsurfing, yachting, hiking, even for those who find themselves attracted by climbing mountains. There are places that you have to visit such as the active volcanoes at the island of Ambrym. If you are willing to hire a guide and pay the customs fee required from the local chiefs than you should go to Benbow and Marum in the south and Vietnam in the north. There is also a central peak worth a climb located in Ambae. There are many other possibilities worth to be visited.