Portugal is a living ancient nation that has existed for over eight centuries now and still thriving today as one of the economically powerful nations and best tourist destinations in Europe and worldwide. Portugal is a state located in the southern part of Europe bordering yet another long-living nation of Spain. Portugal has starred several attractions sites within it including its several historic sites. Portugal’s whole landscape can be classified into three parts namely Continental Portugal in the mainland continent of Europe and the Azore Island and Madeira Islands that contribute largely to the successful tourism sector of Portugal.
International visitors can arrive in Portugal using international flights from their homeland into any of the three international airports in the mainland, the Funchal International Airport in Madeira Island or Ponta Delgada International Airport in Sao Miguel Island.
Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is one of the attraction sites of Portugal. Lisbon is a modern city with historical landmarks like monuments and old castles waiting to be seen. There are theaters to watch artistic performances, a big shopping center to purchase any trendy items, fine restaurants, and hotels to try out varieties of unique Portuguese cuisine as well as nature parks where various species of flora and fauna are nurtured and displayed to be seen by visitors.
Oporto is also a city and is among the largest cities in Portugal seconding Lisbon City. The position of Oporto makes the city itself a famous destination. Oporto is situated on a gorge through which River Douro enters the Atlantic Ocean. Oporto is also popular for its impressive art galleries, museums, and ancient cathedrals among other attractions that put it to the skim level top tourist destinations in Portugal.
Vila Vicosa Streets are admirable with the fruit trees along the streets and the white-washed buildings, a sight worth to be treasured. The arena of this place looks like one of the open streets in paradise.
Evora is the largest museum and also a city for residents in Portugal. Evora is famous for its high number of historical sites and monuments, hence it is the best place to find out most of the history of Portugal and the ancient culture of the nation reflected by the old buildings still standing in Evora from several centuries ago.
Obidos is a fun place in Portugal to get a glimpse of the wide view of the landscape of the area around the place from the top of a hill. At the base of the hill is an extensive large plantation of vineyards and strategically located windmills that power the farms.
Figueira da Foz Beach is a wide long sandy beach in Portugal that experiences thousand of visits from tourists during the summer. Figueira stars in the worldwide calendar of surfing events as the location where the 1996 World Surfing Competition was held, making it an important destination for surf lovers. Many water sports take place like diving, surfing, powerboat riding, snorkeling at nearby marinas to meet wonderful species of marine life, and enjoy nightclubbing in the clubs within the vicinity of the beach.