Netherlands – Tourist Attractions in Holland

The Netherlands is a historic and naturally beautiful country with varieties of attraction sites to showcase to its visitors. The Netherlands is located in the northwestern part of Europe. The Netherlands also has some annexed territories in the form of islands in the Caribbean region. Holland experience the four different seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Every season has its pack of fun activities that take place in the respective tourist sites of the Netherlands. During the winter season, ice skating and skiing are common fun activities in the Netherlands. The summer is characterized by mountain hiking, diving, and other forms of water sports at the sea coastal beaches of Holland.
Sites to visit in the Netherlands are: 
The Delta Project in Zeeland and South Holland is one of the seven wonders of the technological world. This engineering set up is meant to protect the coastal areas from the sea using the established sluices, locks, dikes, and storm barriers.
Maastricht city in the southern part of Netherlands is popularly known for several festivities that take place regularly by locals and any visitor is welcome to take part in the cultural events of each of the four seasons of the year. Maastricht city also has a huge, long-lived, historic St. Servetus Church and St. Jan Cathedral.
Discover the history of the Netherlands in the Rijks Museum, which exhibits historic facts, items, and artistic paintwork by legendary artists.

Next to the village of Kinderdijk is an amazing sight of a field of hundreds of windmills, some of which were established in the eighteenth century to prevent the inflow of excess seawater into the coastal lands.Hoge Veluwe National Park is a nice place to explore the wildlife bestowed to the country, the unique natural features, and enjoy riding on bicycles around the park. 

Kroller-Muller Museum is the largest collection of famous artworks by talented painters like Vincent van Gogh.

The Keukenhof of Gardens lets you see varieties of amazing flower plant species that color the garden with their naturally colorful creation.

The Delft City Hall is one of the oldest buildings in Holland erected by the Dutch before the eighteenth century when it was retained back to its original appearance after centuries of renovations of the building. Thus the city hall reflects the architecture of the oldest past periods.

The West Frisian Islands between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea are one of the major tourist attractions on the coast. These islands are conjoined by mudflats that are reliable when the sea level is reasonably low and the flats are clear and safe for people to trek on them.
The canal area of Amsterdam is another historic and attractive site to visit. There are three canals built around the city. The three canals are named as Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. Next to the canals are more than a thousand monuments reflecting various important historical events in the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands, tourists can take part in many kinds of sporting activities. During winter, tourists can enjoy ice-skating in the snow of Friesland. Cycling is a common transport in the Netherlands and especially in the islands at the sea. Other activities are: sailing in the sea, surfing I the wind, badminton, and basketball among others.
Accommodation facilities include three to five-star hotels, fine restaurants. Villas and fully equipped apartments are available to make tourists comfortable as they retire to sleep, ready to venture into another day of adventure in the Netherlands.