Mississippi, USA

Mississippi is a travel destination in the United States and it is known as the most attractive cultural state in the southern part of the USA. Lots of cultures are gathered in one place there. The French and British culture mixed with the native American and African American culture together with the influence of the Spanish culture make this place a real cultural rainbow. This is one of the reasons why Mississippi is a state which is visited by such a big number of tourists from all around the USA and the world. 
There are many interesting facts about Mississippi. The name of the state is coming from the river that goes through the state. It has the same name Mississippi. The symbol of the state is the magnolia tree. The state of Mississippi is mostly known by its culture, its literature, and its well-known music. There are so many historical celebrities, famous museums, and other attractions that offer a peaceful vacation to any tourist. 
Cities in Mississippi are full of historical amenities and offer a unique cultural building. But of course, that is not all. They offer a wild nightlife, with all the great clubs working full time, great bars, and restaurants. The best parties on the gulf coast are offered by Biloxi, and if you are trying to find the most attractive cultural amenities, you should go to Oxford or Gulfport. The climate in Mississippi is subtropical, there are no long winters, summers are hot and long and the humidity is high. Some parts of the state had big damages by the Katrina hurricane and some of them are still recovering.
The capital city of Mississippi is Jackson. This is also the largest city in the state. Jackson is a city that is famous mostly by a large number of astonishing museums in it. Some of the most famous museums in Jackson are nd the National Agricultural Aviation Museum and the Museum of Art. The Mississippi Museum of Art is the place where you will find the largest art collection in the state. It attracts thousands of tourists every year and is one of the most significant attractions in Mississippi.
Mississippi is also known for a variety of outdoor activities. The beautiful nature this state offers is attracting tourists from all around the world. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you should come and visit this beautiful state. Hunters and fishermen are coming here and enjoying the great natural attractions this state offers. If you like hiking, Mississippi is the perfect travel destination for you. You will find places with breathtaking landscapes and hills with beautiful views.
Mississippi is a state which is closely related to water and water activities. The Mississippi River is one of the most famous rivers in the world, known by the large water accumulation. There is also the Gulf of Mexico, which offers unforgettable moments for tourists and visitors. As an addition to this, there are many other natural lakes with splendid surroundings, as well as lakes made by man and used for producing electricity and other needs. You’ll find Mississippi River recreation and much more there.
Water activities are something that you will not miss while you are on a vacation in Mississippi. You may choose from the variety of options you have there. Whether you like water skiing, kayaks, or canoes, or you like scuba diving, swimming, or fishing, there is everything. This and much more is what you will find on the waterways in Mississippi. Traveling to this beautiful state is something you should have in mind, especially if you live somewhere there, or you are visiting a place near and you have enough time to make a nice weekend or a vacation to Mississippi.