The Germany state is famous for its rich culture, highly modernized facilities, and a long interesting history of its past. Germany has contributed scientifically to changing the way of living of the whole planet. Some of the renowned scientists come from this country. Besides, the German language is embraced in many parts of the world hence making the country one of the most popular countries in this continent.
Germany belongs to the European Union group of nations in Europe and is located at the heart of Europe. Sixteen regions make up the German country. These regions are classified under the Northern Germany, Central Germany, Southern Germany, Western Germany and Eastern Germany territories. The capital of Germany is Berlin, Eastern Germany. Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world due to its early scientific revolution. However, the Germans strictly preserve their important cultural symbols like the German language that has been used since thousands of years ago. Thus the German language is a significant cultural language in the world.
The beautiful volcanic landscapes of Germany make it an unforgettable destination for tourism. There are so many features to see in it. The Rhine Valley is a romantic place with historical castles and glowing vineyards. Visit the Bavarian Forest in the Bavarian Plateau next to the Danube River Valley, where you will find various tree species like the steady coniferous trees. Take a train trip to the Black Forest, view its lovely villages, and enjoy skiing and hiking. 
The Zugspitze Mountains are the highest highlands in Germany with an altitude of more than nine thousand feet above sea level. You will also find attractive river valleys like the Rhine River, the Elbe River in Eastern Germany with favorite cruises across the river, the Weser River in Northern Germany, and the legendary Danube River. There are nature walks to join in and tour around the forests to meet many indigenous species of plants and beautiful birds living there. Picture the beauty of these features. These pictures can add glamour to your home.
Learning about the history of a country and seeing the remains left behind to verify the historical facts are the most interesting discoveries. Germany has preserved many historical sites. The Bremen City in Northern Germany has the Rathaus Town Hall, the Ancient St Peters Cathedral, the Roland statue resembling the Knight Roland who guarded trade in the region. Cologne is the most historical area of Germany. There are museums, memorial places, the historic Romanesque churches, parks, cinemas and the historic town hall among others. One of the most easily recognized and most visited castles in the world, Neuschwanstein Castle, is located in Germany.
Germany has lively coastal beaches bordering the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Watch the shipbuilding process, have fun at the beach with snorkeling, diving, and motorboat riding. Adventure in the waters of the coast and find out the unique indigenous aquatic species around the area.
Germany has lots of accommodation facilities including beach resorts on the coast. The hospitality services are of a high rating as the government of Germany applies even its advanced facilities to better the tourism services and facilities to ensure tourists have their best stay in Germany.