Cape Verde Island

Cape Verde is an amazing, unspoiled destination; a unique blend of African, Portuguese and Brazilian cultures. If you want to enjoy the privacy and intimacy of a natural setting and a warm inviting atmosphere, where the crystal clear waters, the powdery white sand beaches, and the sunsets are spectacular to make your holiday memories that will last a lifetime, Cape Verde Islands are an ideal destination for your vacation. Cape Verde is a place of incredible beauty, to enjoy and return, because one trip at this tourist destination is simply never enough.
If you are looking to try out something new, a visit to the Cape Verde Islands will be a unique experience. This tourist destination Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands and 5 islets situated 483 kilometers due west of Dakar, Senegal, in the North Atlantic Ocean, and is a part of the Macaronesia ecoregion. Cape Verde’s total land area is 4,033 square kilometers. The islands stretch over a distance of 350 kilometers north to south and 300 kilometers east to west. 
Each of the ten islands has its distinctive features, they have its appeal with varied landscapes, a unique cultural heritage and a variety of activities to suit all, travelers will not be disappointed by the country’s beaches which are all bordered with turquoise waters, and adorned with volcanic scenery and shingly, arid areas. Some of the islands are flat and they are windier than the mainland, therefore the wind brings benefits, the islands are particularly popular in the sport conditions and any visitor might learn to surf or to let the wind take you as you try for kite and windsurfing. 
Cape Verde is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts; it is one of the best surfing destinations in the world. Geology, hiking, and diving enthusiasts will be more than content with what Cape Verde has to offer. There is also a good scene for competitive fishing; however, with tourism expanding it is highly discouraged to maintain the marine diversity in Cape Verde waters. 
Like the islands on which they live, Cape Verdeans are gorgeous people inside and out. They reflect a bewitching blend of their African and European roots. The Cape Verdeans like to have very exuberant celebrations with beautiful clothing, large quantities of good food, many friends and family and, of course, plenty of music, singing, and dancing. Cape Verdean music simultaneously pierces the heart and inspires release; it is tempered by a uniquely tropical music of all Afro-Atlantic music: Brazilian sambas and Cuban rumbas.  
Cape Verde is all you need for exciting, recreating, and relaxing holiday; you will never find a place with vast beaches that allow for all types of water sports, impressive mountains, high-quality fish, various types of delicious seafood, the melodious beauty of its music and friendly people. 
The Cape Verde islands are a diver’s paradise with wrecks to explore, rich tropical underwater flora, and a massive array of fish. Cape Verde diving offers a very extensive range of dives and courses on any of the islands. The deep Cape Verde waters offer volcanic lava shoals falling sheer away to reveal caves and cracks full of tropical fish, morays and lobster, shark, and manta. There are also many wrecks lies within the diving depth in the Cape Verdes. There are 25 diving sites on Sal Island, Cape Verde including the site of the 1966 freighter ‘Santo Antao’, whose rusting hulk can be seen on the varying depths. 
If you have an adventurous spirit and like to dive where few others have been, Cape Verde is for you. For those tourists without any experience of diving, and you want to see how it looks underwater, Cape Verde has diving schools that are available in the following locations: Santa Maria, Sal; Vila do Tarrafal, Santiago; Sal Rei, Boavista; Mindelo, Sao Vicente; Sao Filipe, Fogo; will allow you to discover submerged wonders. Diving is provided for all levels of competence.
There are many fascinating places to visit in Cape Verde, here are coming people who want to enjoy on this wonderful environment with dazzling turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, for an amazing experience this destination is worth to be visited.