Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is an African state located in the western part of the African Continent. It is a tropical region with lots of tropical attractions mostly loved by tourists all over the world. The climate is favorable with long sunny periods and some rainy sessions throughout the year. Burkina Faso has been a center of wildlife sites and historic sites that bears much of the history of the West African region. Tourists can arrive at Burkina Faso by road or air transport. If they are in Cote d’Ivoire they can board a train that moves to Burkina Faso’s capital city, Ouagadougou for around two days. Alternatively, tourists may choose to board a flight in international airports of other West African countries or in Paris-France to arrive at Air Burkina Airport of Burkina Faso.
Find out about the royal history of Burkina through one of its royal legendary in the Guimbi Ouattara Mausoleum. Gumbi Ouattara is the name of a lady who used to serve as a princess in an African Kingdom in Burkina Faso. She is honored for her contribution to the protection of Bobo Dioulasso territory against invasion during the nineteenth century.
Bangor Weogo is a large park in Ouagadougou with a massive collection of wild animal and plant species. Some o the animals that make up the animal kingdom of this park are the antelopes, monkeys, crocodiles, and varieties of colorful bird species. There are also other fun facilities within this park such as the kids’ playground, an area for playing different sport activities, and an exotic restaurant.
Learn about the rich heritage of Burkina Faso at the National Museum in Ouagadougou. Burkina Faso is a country of many different tribes. This museum reveals the different cultural symbols of these tribes in the traditional villages established and preserved in this museum. The International Saloon of Arts and Crafts is a festival that tourists should time to arrive at the festival on time in Ouagadougou. This festival showcases the rich African art talent through sculptures and painted artwork alongside other items on exhibition that explain a lot about the African culture.
Get a chance to witness the most important entertainment event in Africa, which is the African Festival of Cinema. It is in this festival that visitors get to see the famous African actors and actresses that raise the African movie industry to a significant level. Many African movies are also showcased in these two to three-week festival.
Drive into the mysterious Manga Museum where you get to find the unimaginable ancient customs and materials that date several thousands of years ago. This museum is located only fifty kilometers northwards from Ouagadougou. Items to see are the sacred masks that were worn during rituals performed to the dead, many tombs, and rocks that are several trillion years old. Bobo Dioulasso is one of the oldest towns in Burkina Faso that symbolize the significant historical events that also involve the Princess Guimbi Ouattara. Tourists visit the town to learn a lot about its history and its connection to the princess.
Ouagadougou has nice shopping centers where tourists can walk around and buy some trendy items. Many exotic restaurants and hotels can be found in the city offering unique dishes and some international cuisine to satisfy their customers. Accommodation facilities are abundant and the best facilities can be booked online to avoid ending up in a place that may fail to meet your desired preference.