Kiten, Bulgaria

Kiten is a resort that houses several historic sites, beaches, and natural attractive features preserved for tourism. This large resort is recognized as Bulgaria’s finest place to enjoy the holidays due to its specialization in tourism that has impressed many tourists from all over the world. Kiten resort is located south of Primorsko Bay that stands on a peninsula at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Its location was an ancient settlement known as Oroudiza where the Urdoviza Fortress was established. Currently the fortress is in ruins as a result of the Turkish attack of the settlement but the Bulgarians somehow managed to regain the settlement after being liberated from the Turks.
The natural attractions at Kiten are amazing and worth to take photographs of them to keep a lasting memory of the direct contact with this unique beauty that Mother Nature has brought to the resort. Kiten Resort consists of two beaches namely: the Atliman Beach at the northern side and the Karaagach River both separated by the Urdoviza peninsula. These beaches embrace the warm waters of the Black Sea, the surrounding vegetation like the palm trees, and the sunny, pleasant weather that is ideal for holiday-making at the beach.
There are cruises to take you around the coast of the resort. You can also join an affordable nature tour to the amazing wildlife species in the mainland if the island, the Strandja Mountain, and thick rain forests. There are also cultural tours that will help you understand the culture of the Bulgarian people by taking you to the traditional preserved Bulgarian villages of Yasna Polyana and Lenovo.

Be it diving into the Black Sea, camping in the nearby Primosko beaches or nightclubbing, living in Kiten, and exploring the resort is much fun that you will never put aside. At the Bulgarian Black Sea coast there are many water sports taking place like yachting, diving, skiing, and fishing. If you would like to keep yourself dry then bask in the warm sun, go on a boat ride, ride a horse along the coast, or play tennis, football, basketball, and volleyball in their respective playgrounds.

Snorkel centers give tourists a glimpse of the real array of marine creatures of the ocean through either scuba diving or snorkeling into the Pacific Ocean. The Strandja Park provides a comfortable serene to arrange for a picnic with your loved ones. The joyful appetizing dishes are deliciously served with both the local traditional cuisine and the international favorite recipes to satisfy your desired preference.
There is plenty of accommodation in Kiten Resort inform of lodgings, campsites, and exotic hotels. Many are located in the nearby Primosko Town. For those who like camping they can apply to sleep in a camp at any of the campsites at Atliman, Yug, Koop, Les, or Koral. Some hotels would occasionally offer traditional, cultural dances to entertain guests visiting the place. The night clubs are available to enjoy the music and entertainment till dawn.