Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatsi), Bulgaria

The beautiful sandy beaches, varieties of fun games, amazing natural features, world-class hotels and restaurants, and the favorable climate among others are the reasons why tourists will always come to the Golden Sands Resort. It is the liveliest place to enjoy the summer and the Sea waves. Traveling to the Golden Sands is easy. This resort is located at the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria and is a section of the Golden Sands National Park. The Golden Sands resort is also called Zlatni Pyasatsi Resort.
The Golden Sands Resort was established almost a century ago in the year 1915. Hetman and Carel, the two Bulgarian archaeologists established villas at the coast. Decades later the development of the Golden Sands Resort began and later accomplished the dream of the lovely kind of huge resort with many exotic hotels, spas, restaurants, clubs, casinos, sporty games, large water parks and various beautiful sites to see. You will find out a famous fairy tale that lives to tell the story of the formation of unique golden sands of the beach. It claims that pirates buried a golden treasure into the ground of the coast and after they left it, Mother Nature gradually crashed it into the sands that we see at the coast.
When the period is at its peak, the resort holds varieties of festivities and competitions. The most popular one that visitors love to participate in is the Mr. and Miss Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatsi) Competition. Others are the Satellite Tennis tournament, the Auto Rally and Competition for all breeds of dogs. The festivities enjoyed in the resort are the International Dance Festival, Varna Summer International Folklore Festival, Jazz and Rock Festival and Mummers Black Sea Festival, and many more. The Black Sea coastal beaches are the best fun spots. The famous water park is a lovely place to enjoy many water games.
Aside from all the fun activities to enjoy are the glamorous natural features. At the top side of the Golden Sands Resort is the Frengenskoto Plateau formed of limestone. This place is also sandy and has an uncongested forest and several bushes so you can travel into the forest easily.
Check out the interesting historic sites of the area. The Alaja Rock Monastery at the upper side of the resort established on a huge rock. This building was built in the twelfth century. Next to this monastery is a museum that shows every bit of archaeological remains and artifacts collected to symbolize the ancient periods. The Old Clock Tower and the History Museum are other sites to visit and admire.
The Golden Sands Resort is hospitable to visitors with world-class accommodation available for tourists who would like to spend time in this vibrant resort. The hospitality services are of a high rating as the government of the Comoros Islands applies even its advanced facilities to better the tourism services and facilities to ensure tourists have their best stay in the Golden Sands Resort. They offer various add-on services like refrigerators, car drivers to rent, and change of currency as well as satellite connection. There are also varieties of spa treatments like the mud treatment and anti-stress treatments.
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