Singapore is a famous port city well known for its roles it plays in the global economy especially in Asia. Singapore is also a title of a country and of course its capital city is the port city of Singapore. The country is located in South East Asia and appears to be one of the smallest states in the world. It is known as one of the fastest developing country in the Southeast Asia region. Singapore is a place where many tourists from all around the world visit and enjoy its modern architecture and cultural and traditional heritage. 
Singapore is an active participant in the tourism sector and its natural beauty, artistic ventures and historic aspects attracts more visitors from many parts of the world. Singapore has a large complex air base known as Singapore Airlines that cater for international flights. Thus tourists can easily access Singapore by air transport or by ship from Indonesia or Malaysia.
The beautiful sites of Singapore that star in its tourism sector are: 
Meet the unique species of plants and wild animals in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This reserve also nurtures butterflies so it is a beautiful place to go and visit. It also enjoys its significance from far by the high hill that stands within its vicinity, which is the highest geographical point in Singapore. 
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Enter the hiking fun in the Central Catchment Natural Reserve where varieties of forests are preserved to house the indigenous nature of Singapore and protect it from the distractions that any forest may face from the city like population. This place is a jungle experience and its arena is fresh and relaxing. 
The Juring Bird Park located at the Juring Hill is a sanctuary of hundreds of bird species. Tourists love to come over this park and interact with the lovely adorable birds of this planet. 
Some of the important heritage sites that speak much of the history of Singapore are the old church in Queen Street known as the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd that was built many centuries ago, museums and the famous old Chinatown. This old town unfolds the ancient culture of the Chinese who used to live in this town several centuries ago. 
The Abdul Gafoor Mosque in Singapore was first established in 1859 and has gone through many renovations but still stands in its original place of establishment. Many historical items of the mosque are probably stored within this mosque. The Al-Abrar Mosque is another old mosque that was built earlier before Abdul Gafoor Mosque, but it started off as a small building which had enlarged over the years.
The Asian Civilization Museum show cases artistic pieces from China and many other parts of Asia collected into its eleven galleries. This museums stands near the Singapore River.
Singapore has many wonderful beaches along its South China Sea coastline. The climate is pleasant with long sunny spells and warm coastal waters to swim in, and play varieties of water sports like sailing and diving. Restaurants operate within the vicinity of the beaches and they provide the required drinks and delicious dishes to the tourists in the beaches. 
At the beaches and within the city, hotel rooms are available for very tourist that gets into Singapore. Exotic spa facilities are in the city and near the beach. There is a shopping center where tourists can buy high quality products.
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