Asia – Most Popular Travel Destinations

Asia is the continent that has a huge variety of travel destinations for travelers. You can see all types of tourism developed trough the years. From amazing summer destinations to perfect ski resorts and places. We did a list from some of the most attractive tourist spots in Asia:


Delicious seafood, sightseeing, and adventure… No wonder Singapore has enchanted so many tourists from all around the world. A word that best describes it is diversity. This island will surprise you with every step you make. Real beauty abounds here in both its simplest and most exotic forms. You will stand in awe in front of the marvelous scenery and the blue waters will fascinate you with their clarity and the richness of the sea world. The architecture with the masterly accomplished buildings is breathtaking.
Singapore has urbanized centers and small farms. While traveling from one part to another it is almost impossible to imagine that you are in the same country. If you are seeking a tourist destination full of excitement, then Singapore is the right place for you.
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Welcome to India, one of the most interesting travel destinations in the world. This beautiful country is located in the southern part of Asia, and it is bordering with Nepal, Pakistan, and China. So many different and colorful tourist attractions are settled in this destination. The world’s highest mountain chain is found in the north of India. If you look at the southern part, you will see numerous valleys, tropical rain forests, sandy beaches, deserts, and plateaus.
When you think of exotic, you most probably think of Thailand. Thailand has always had the reputation of a popular tourist destination. It is a place where you can release all your senses to the maximum. What you will find here is more than perfect: sand beaches, tropical forests, high mountains, all this spiced up with the stories of old civilizations. Even though spending time here is relaxation on its own, luxury hotels offer all kinds of spa treatments too. Surrender yourselves to the hospitality of the locals, enjoy their exquisite cuisine, and discover their way of having fun through traditional music and dances.
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China is an enormous country with a priceless cultural heritage. Thus, tourism flourishes here. The vast territory is a wellspring of interesting places, historical sites, and landscapes. Beijing, the capital is the center of politics and culture, and Shanghai, the most populated city is not less of a metropolis. The beauty of China lies in its greatness. The main tourist attractions are the remains of an inspiring civilization. Some of the most popular is the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. Nature too has created some of its most treasured wonders in China. The Yangtze River, the longest in Asia, has the Three Gorges and a very scenic flow. The Silk Road, Tibet, and Hainan Island are not to be missed too.
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Malaysia is instantly connected with wonderful beaches and exceptional nature. Remarkable islands, forests, and rich wildlife, most of which protected, are its main tourist lures. The busiest places are probably the markets where you can meet all kinds of people. Different races have been settling this country for many years creating a mix of cultural riches. What most people want to visit are the paradise islands (Redang Island, Langkawi Island, Pulau Tioman Island, Piang ISaln), the Santubong mountain which rises above the capital Kuching and the most populous city- Kuala Lumpur. All the resorts are fabulous, but the Damai Beach Resort is by far the most desired one.
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We are all witnesses to the quick development of Asian countries. The once poor and exploited part of the world is now urbanized, modern-looking, and expanding. In the last 50 years many things like life-expectancy, education and health have been improved. Japan, China, and South Korea are now among the countries with the highest Human Development Index in the world. From dominated to dominant, Asia slowly overtakes world power.