Patong Beach, Thailand

Patong is the most famous beach on Phuket Island. Patong beach which lies on the west coast of Phuket Island is the main tourist resort on the island. With its festival mood and a bustling nightlife, Patong is the best destination for part and play. The main pillars of this luminous nightlife are the numerous restaurants, bars, and discos. For transport, there is the Patong international airport about thirty-five kilometers north of Patong, taxi and bus services.
Chalong Temple is an important historical site. A heritage from the reign of King Rama, Chalong Temple is revered by the local population and tourists alike. The temple is one of the most visited tourist attractions on the island.
Dino Park – Kata Village is situated right next to the marina cottage in Kata beach, Dino Park Kate village is a golf course with a difference. Themed mini golf on the Jurassic period park theme, with lots of sounds and light special effects and well-designed course with dinosaurs, waterfalls, and an erupting volcano. The presence of light effect dictates that the best time to visit is in the evening when you can see the full effects of the erupting volcano and other lights effects and it is also much cooler. The golf course itself is an 18 hole course. Furthermore, there is a hamburger stand with a bar and music in the evening.
Come and wonder at God’s colorwork at the Phuket Butterfly Farm. At this butterfly farm there are hundreds of multi-colored butterflies on the flower and plants with lots of information about their life cycle and their important contribution to the natural environment. Next door is the insectariums with a large collection of tropical insects many of which are the little scary creatures.
Phuket seashell museum is located in Rawai Beach; Phuket. This is the largest museum on Phuket Island. It showcases an important collection of shells from all over Asia and many other important sea objects. Some very rare and unusual shells are also on display including the world’s largest golden pearl, a shell that weighs 250 kilograms and giant clams and fossils dating back millions of years ago.
A visit to Patong’s Snake Farm is the most spine-tingling experience when on the visit to the Patong Islands. Come torch and feel a snake, marvel at how the snake handlers relate to the snakes and learn. Learn how to identify different types of snakes, differences between venomous and nonvenomous snakes, and simple first aid procedure when bitten. The snake farm is found in Patong near the Phuket Palace Hotel, at the corner of Soi Nanai and the road to Karon or Kata.
You can sunbathe at the beach, take a beach stroll, swim or dive in the ocean during the day. In Patong, the beaches are the center of all tourism activities taking place here. You may hire a boat and go fishing, snorkeling around the coast, or just sightseeing. If you want some little action the kayaking in Phang Nga or Elephant trekking in Khao Lak will be great fun activities.
There are many accommodation options to cater for the needs of every single tourist. There are kids’ friendly hotels for families with young children, prestigious beach resorts, comfortable, luxurious hotels, and many more.