Bodrum, Turkey

Located in the south of the Bodrum peninsula, the town of the same name meets the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The town has about 30 000 inhabitants and ten times more tourists during the summer. Bodrum, once overshadowed by Marmaris and Kusadasi, has become a real magnet for tourists. What used to be a small provincial town is now on the map of well-known resorts. Bodrum is one of the greatest travel destinations in Turkey and attracts a huge number of tourists from all around the world every year.
There are many ways to get to Bodrum. The closest airport is 35 km away from town, but shuttle services are operating and it will not take you more than 45 minutes to reach Bodrum. From Greece, you can take a boat from Rhodes or Kos and of course, there are intercity buses that have a pretty full schedule. Bodrum is a place for everyone. It has long sandy beaches for relaxing walks, night clubs and cafés for the young and restless and water sports for sports fanatics. People want to enjoy the sun and the warm gentle wind cruising along the shore, so you will see numerous sails and yachts in the waters. Making your way through the narrow streets you will find the architecture quite interesting with many small, white houses. Bodrum is incredibly charming.
A great deal of that comes from the kind locals who will greet anyone with a sincerely welcoming smile. They are always in the mood for a friendly conversation. If you choose to spend a quiet romantic night, you might want to leave the loud streets of Bodrum and make a reservation in some of the taverns in the nearby villages. There, you will find a warm ambiance and tasty food.
Around Bodrum, there are a lot of pretty villages: Turgutreis, Gumusluk and Yalikavak in the west, Torba, Türkbükü, Gölköy in the north and Akyarlar, Gümbet and Bardakci in the south of the peninsula. You may be surprised by the unbelievably beautiful beaches, especially in Akyarlar. Boat tours can be a very interesting activity for those who want to experience the peninsula from all its sides. This way, you can enjoy the serene beauty and fill your lungs with the fresh air brought by the Aegean breeze.
Prepare your camera as you might see charming windmills on the horizon. Six kilometers offshore from Bodrum, there is a place called Black Island or Karaada, where you can take a bath in the mineral waters for eternal beauty or cover yourselves in the healing mud for healthy skin. Another popular place is the Turkish Hamam, a relaxing bath with different sections for men and women.
Bodrum dates from ancient times. Until its rapid development in the late 20th century, Bodrum was a small fishing village. A long time ago it was known as Halicarnassus, the home of Herodotus and the Mausoleum of Mausolus- one of the seven world wonders in the ancient world. The Roman Theatre and the Bodrum Castle are two famous historical sites that tourists find very attractive. Both amazing and affordable, Bodrum can be a perfect place for your vacation. Let the sunshine enter your heart on the sunny coast of Turkey. Make Bodrum your next destination and make a life-time memory.